November CTP is now available for MSDN Subscribers

The November CTP (Community Tech Preview) is now available for download for MSDN subscribers. The version is Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition. More information

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  1. Daniel Moth says:

    Can you please tell us if this includes the CF bits? I know the final standard release will apparently but does *this* CTP include them and are they the same or later as October’s bits?

    Irrelevant to my first question, is this the last CTP before Xmas or will there be a separate one for teamsystem/architect/express?

  2. Are Beta testers going to get access to download this too? Man, I need this badly, the Oct CTP was brutally buggy…

    And no I don’t have access to MSDN.

  3. James Griffith says:

    You might want to wait for the one in Dec.

  4. Thanks for the heads up! I can’t wait!

  5. To Daniel Moth’s question, yes, this does include the compact framework for mobile application development. They are *not* the same as the October CTP bits.

    WRT your question about CTP releases, James already answered that 🙂

  6. To answer James Hancock’s question on whether Beta testers will get the bits, I checked and the answer is yes. All beta testers should be receiving any CTP builds. You are right that these are pretty unstable, and I’m not sure how bad these bits will be as I personally haven’t tried them.



  7. Daniel Moth says:

    Thank you! It is running on my VPC right now and you are absolutely right 😀

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