Just Released – Music To Code By Volume 2: “Memory Leak”

DJ Bolivia, whom I blogged about earlier, just released Volume 2, download or start streaming it now!!

"Memory Leak" (Music To Code By Volume 2)
64 minutes of Progressive/Tribal House
Download the MP3 or listen to the stream

I love the name, and the mix, but what do you all think?

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  1. PeteOrk says:

    this will be great for those late nights at work. I’m going to check out Volume 1 too. Thanks DJ Bolivia!

  2. Great stuff!!! I like Vol. 2 better than Vol. 1

    Haven’t been talking to anyone at work since i got it 🙂

  3. I listened to several; all met with the same level of distain.

  4. Larry – Any particular reason why? Do you not like electronic music as a genre or is there something you didn’t like about the mix?

  5. Wonderful! I’ve burnt me a cd of all of DJ Bolivia’s work and some of the other hosted DJs and it IS great music to code to! 😀

  6. Kabbe says:

    Well, both Vol1 & 2 where good but this is not the genre to use for doing some serious hacking. For that you need either Hard Rock (Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden), Metal (Metallica, Hammerfall) or Grunge (Soundgarden, Creed, Pearl Jam) depending on where you are in the development process.

    There is a kind of soothing feeling in listening to angry music when there is a lot of stress in the project.

  7. Green Dragon says:

    Personally, i prefer something quieter and melodic, like Enya and similar, helps me concentrate better. I rarely like electronic, with the exception of Dune, but that’s not a music to code to either.

  8. DJ Bolivia says:

    It’s very interesting and refreshing to see everybody’s comments and differing opinions. Most (well, all) of the feedback that I get directly from my website is positive, so it is useful to see what a less biased audience thinks. Although I focus on electronic music on the website, I’m also a big fan of some of the other groups cited above (especially Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, etc.). I’ve been spending the last couple days looking around, trying to find a DVD copy of Pink Floyd’s "Delicate Sound of Thunder" concert. I also listen to jazz quite a bit. Diversity is a wonderful thing …

  9. SunnyWake says:

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