Eric describes his Marriage Proposal in C#

In case you haven't seen this, Eric Maino, a lead Student Ambassador, writes C# code to describe his marriage proposal. Sure, I would've used delegates here or an async pattern there, but all-in-all an amusing read.

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  1. Eric Maino says:

    Yea.. Yea.. Yea.. delegates probably could have been used… but I thought I would place those in the Human Interaction Base Class Libary… BTW I do have a C# prototype of this so my proposal code actually does compile and run :-).

  2. Nice that you have actual running code, and congratulations again. I was just giving you hard time 🙂

  3. Eric Maino says:

    I know… Just gotta play along :-). Thanks for the link

  4. Dan Lundy says:

    That was great!! Thanks for sharing it! However, isn’t me.anything a VB concept? 😉 Virtual Bonifides?

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