November CTP is now available for MSDN Subscribers

The November CTP (Community Tech Preview) is now available for download for MSDN subscribers. The version is Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition. More information


Caffeine is the internet economy’s life blood

Caffeine is the internet economy’s life blood. Yeah, that’s a bold statement, but when your entire industry is over-worked, you should realize that there are complimentary things that we owe a great deal of debt to our success. Personally, I’m suffering from some bad sleep depression and exhaustion right now. Today, I can not function without caffeine. My “sleep bank”…


SD Times: C# Gets Sharper

I’m still way behind, but here’s an article by Jennifer DeJong on the next version of C#. I am of course blogging about this because I’m quoted throughout 🙂


Eric describes his Marriage Proposal in C#

In case you haven’t seen this, Eric Maino, a lead Student Ambassador, writes C# code to describe his marriage proposal. Sure, I would’ve used delegates here or an async pattern there, but all-in-all an amusing read.


Just Released – Music To Code By Volume 2: “Memory Leak”

DJ Bolivia, whom I blogged about earlier, just released Volume 2, download or start streaming it now!! “Memory Leak” (Music To Code By Volume 2)64 minutes of Progressive/Tribal HouseDownload the MP3 or listen to the stream I love the name, and the mix, but what do you all think? **Want More?: If you want to keep up-to-date…