Following the progress of the US Election

I officially voted today, but I avoided the lines by using an absentee ballot. It really is the way to go. Someone internally sent out a link to this nice site on CNN that let's you track the results of the US election:

You'll need Flash to view the map, but it gives you the state-by-state results as they come in, and you can even zoom in to see specific counties. Very cool.

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  1. Tim Marman says:

    Glad to see you voted, but you should really consider voting in person – it counts more. As we have seen in the past, often times the absentee ballots are not even considered unless it’s too close, etc.

    Ahh, the beauties of the electoral college.

  2. Dan,

    Thanks for the CNN link!


    All ballots are supposed to be counted. There is more than just the electoral college biased Presidential election.

    From what I understand, the physical count of the absentee ballots are taken into consideration for determining if they will change the outcome of a particular election item.

    In this election with all of the electronic voting systems, your absentee ballot is more likely to be counted.

  3. courtknee says:

    yahoo has a nice one too on

    The drill downs allow you to view local issues and see your most hated reps/senators in other states u want to see get booted.


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