Candy Corn is *the worst* Halloween candy

In our team meeting this week, Jay Roxe, the beloved VB Product Manager was nice enough to bring in some Halloween candy. But alas poor Jay brought what is, in my opinion, the absolute worst Halloween candy there is - candy corn. The nice and well meaning jesture met the wraith of me, BrianKel, and Rick and led to a discussion of what the worst Halloween candy of all time is. Rick even called the 800 number on the back of the Candy Corn wrapper to find out how they stay in business. Louis Black gives his enlightened candy corn theory in Unleashed that "all of the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911" and people have just been reusing the same crappy candy year-after-year.

 Thanks to the power of Google, I've discovered that I am not alone in my hatred of candy corn. Hand Carved Magazine has a poll of the worst Halloween treat, and I was delighted to see that people prefer "circus peanuts" and "severed body parts" to candy corn. In the poll comments, terremoto* sums up my opinion quite bluntly: man, i can eat raisins, and i can fool myself into eating a circus peanut, but [religious reference], i [expletive] hate candy corn, and even though halloween and candy corn only come once a year, that whole year isn't long enough for me to forget how nasty that crap is.

Is Candy Corn the biggest culinary joke ever played on an clueless public? Is there anything worse then getting candy corn for Halloween?!!

* aside: terremoto is spanish for earthquake

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  1. Drew Marsh says:

    I’m actually pretty fond of Candy Corn myself. Although I will say that whatever idiot thought up adding the chocolate flavor to certain brands of Candy Corn should be shot. 🙂

  2. ShadowChaser says:

    Weird, based on that photo, I can’t say I’ve *ever* had candy corn.

    Not even with HUGE hoards of halloween loot as a kid. I don’t think they distribute it in Canada, at least, not in large quantities!

  3. honestly, i’m a picky eater.. not a snacker or candy eater either. THey’re not bad, they’re kind of sweet.. not like ‘corn tasting’.

    there are plenty worse things..

  4. Daniel Moth says:

    Talking about the worst of something, how about the worst dessert/fruit on the planet (if not the universe)?! Never ever go near a durian-based dessert. We tried it recently in Singapore (blue ginger restaurant) and I have got to say my eyes watered from the smell and we thought we were suddenly in a sewer. The taste/smell of the half-spoon we tried stayed with us for the next 2 days no matter how many chewing-gums we went through our breath still gave out the odor of diarrhea puke. I still think they played a practical joke on us. Bringing back the memory is not pleasant either; have to go brush my teeth now. Definitely an acquired taste!

  5. Matt says:

    You should now how to spell gesture.

  6. OMG!!!111 No way. Candy Corn is teh Rulz0r!!!!

    Seriously though. The kind pictured I don’t like. But the ones with the black third ring are the best! Candy Corn has that weird, fake sweet flavor, and makes me ill after a few, but at Halloween I just cannot stop eating them. I don’t know why. It’s a sickness really.

  7. Smeg says:

    Jelly babies gives you teh farts

  8. I love the stuff. I had some surgery that maked eating my previous favorites (Snickers, Milky Ways) not possible, and so Candy Corn is something (pure sugar, no fat) I can eat and enjoy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Candy corn does suck

  10. Trevor says:

    Candy corn is #2 on my list of worst tasting candy. #1 on my list is that peanut butter like stuff that comes wrapped in either plain orange or plain black wax-type paper. That stuff is terrible!

  11. It’s hard to choose a winner between candy corn and the candy peanuts – they are both so bad.

    To make it worse, we find that:

    "Candy Corn is not just for Halloween anymore. Candy makers have made Reindeer Corn for Christmas, Cupid Corn for Valentine’s Day and Bunny Corn for Easter"

    For the person who can’t have fat, I think that caramel is a huge improvement over candy corn.

  12. candyfan says:

    If you are a huge fan of candy corn, like myself, then I recommend sathers candy corn. you can tell it is the besy because among people that hate candy corn, that you can actually get to try candy corn and give you an opinion, sathers is the absolute nastiest. It stands to reason that if their taste in candy is so bad as to dismiss candy corn, then it can be relied upon to find the most delicious brand to be the most distasteful. Give it a shot. its crumbly and dissolves well, about the least waxy kind i know of.

    this information provided just in case this page comes up somehow on google as a highly-ranked page for search term "candy corn"

  13. courtknee says:

    That stuff in the black paper? ACK! That comment almost triggered a repressed gag reflex from my childhood. ewwww!!!! That shiite beats out candy corn any day (although both taste like ass).


  14. Grammar Police says:


    You should know how to spell "know."

  15. Christopher says:

    What color of candy corn do you consider the bottom????

  16. sam says:

    Having a sweet tooth, I’ve always liked candy corn but only if it’s fresh (on the soft side). At a place I worked in the early eighties, someone brought in candy corn and mixed it w/peanuts and everyone (but me) seemed to love the combination. I liked peanuts and the candy but each separately. Putting them together w/salt & sweet tasted weird to me.

  17. Rick S. says:

    Candy corn sucks. It is a hard, triangular gelatinous mass that is not sweet, sour or hot. All candy must fit one of those three criteria. These are the rules. Thus, candy corn is not candy. Nor is it corn. I don’t even know what it is, really. I mean, look at it…

    They look like rotten teeth from one of the Young Ones co-stars. No thanks.

  18. Kandy Korn says:

    for real though, candy corn is the shiznit. i buy it in bulk after it goes on sale after halloween. you can get like 3 pounds for 19 cents. this year i’m setting a new guiness record for most consecutive days of eating nothing but candy corn. i’m on day 13 and plan on going for another 22 days or so.

  19. "Kandy Korn", you frighten me. You should take pictures of yourself on the candy corn-only diet.

  20. Karen Turner says:

    NOT! I love the stuff

  21. IndianaBalloonMan says:

    We were looking for an answer on how to eat candy corn. Big controversy – do you nibble so each bite ends at a color line? (Of course!) And if you do, do you eat the big end (the kernel) or the small end (the germ) first. This is important, I MUST know!!

  22. kayle says:

    ok. ur allowed ur opinon on wheter u like it or not. i, personally love the stuf and am sooo glad they make it.wat i think is really sad tho is u actually made a page saying how much you hate it. ITS A CANDY! its not going to leap out and kill u! u dont actually have to eat it u no?

  23. BJ Winslow says:

    Circus Peanuts are the worst thing that can properly be considered candy. The shape is peanut, the color orange, the consistency is marshmallow and the flavor is bannana. They’re like the platypus of awful candy

  24. whitney says:

    r u kidin! candy corn is 1 of the best things ever made! i love em!

    i have all kinds of candy corn stuff o and 4 um…i usually just eat the whole piece it takes 2 long 2 take bites on the lines! lol

    thad b kool 2 go on an all candy corn diet!

  25. kcbelles says:

    I love candy corn! – when it’s fresh, but I don’t care for the chocolate layer, either. That just doesn’t go (for me), but then I also love Circus Peanuts – when they’re fresh. Pure sugar! yum add cotton candy to the list….

    I have a candy corner on my filing cabinet at work that I keep stocked for my coworkers. At Halloween, it’s candy corn time, and it’s very popular – goes just as fast, if not faster, than when I put chocolate out! All just a matter of taste :o)

  26. MB says:


  27. MB says:


  28. I hate candy corn! I also heard that candy corn was invented by the man who invented the wax ring that goes on the bottom of a toilet. I have installed many a wax ring and I believe they are made of the materials. Can anyone confirm this?

  29. Jane says:

    Just a mouth full of sugar…

  30. Bob says:

    i like candy corn so poo to u

  31. lizzy says:


  32. Lindsey Lohan says:

    hey omg how do you grow candy corn?

    with you inner spirituality

  33. santa clause says:

    actually lindsey lohan first u must plant it w/ a dead fish and then use ur spirituality to grow it while singing veggie tale songs to it

  34. lindsey lohan says:

    omg you did not just say i was wrong ohhhhhh no chilren are getting presents this year cause santa clause is going down

  35. mike says:

    Friday, November 05, 2004 1:17 AM by candyfan

    "this information provided just in case this page comes up somehow on google as a highly-ranked page for search term "candy corn""


    Funny enough, i was searching on google for candy corn and this was on page 1 (9th entry)

  36. Debbie says:

    I’ve always liked candy corn but can only eat a small amount at a time due to being too sweet.  The kind I get is made with honey instead of a bunch of sugar.  

    When I was a child there was a girl that lived up the street from me, and her name was Candy and her last name was Corn, so therefore Candy Corn.

  37. Pete says:

    Who the **** invented this awful candy!

    IMNSHO I might as well be eating flavoured wax!

    When I was a kid, woe be to the house that handed this crap out on Halloween!

    I would turn the water off to that house (in CA most houses had the main H2O shutoff right near the front door)


    I would turn off a few circuits at their electrical breaker box (or even the main)


    just kick in the face of their jack-o-lantern

    I work hard to have a cool-looking house for Halloween, and have fun scaring the kids……but I would NEVER hand out Candy Corn to the little monsters!

  38. DAnielle says:

    CANDY CORN IS NOT GROSS! I can’t eat like tubs of it all at once… cuz its sweet as hell.  But I am glad somebody invented it.

  39. Jennifer says:

    Hi!  I though it was funny when I started reading all the comments. People have a lot to say about candy corn. I’m eating it right now.  Its really good, definately not the worst.  Ok some of the real *worsts*: dum dums, dubble bubble gum, Dots, caramel apple pops, and stuff like that. Definately not candy corn, no. But to each his own.

  40. Jo says:

    How can anyone say that candy corn is worse than root beer barrels?  Or Gummi Bears?  Or banana-flavored Wacky Wafers?

    Candy Corn is a beautiful thing, and it wouldn’t have stuck around for 100-plus years if it sucked!  The trick is to eat something salty next to it, like a toasted almond, for balance. Give it a whirl.  It’s seriously good.  

    Sathers is NOT the worst brand.  Jelly Belly is.  Zachary is the best.  Click below for more extensive tasting results:

  41. peter says:

    hey, here you can learn more about trick or treat candy and what you should give out to the kids….to avoid scraping dried eggs from your front door the next morning

    the link:

  42. Gayle Abbott says:

    I love candy corn also.  I’m trying to stop eating it because I don’t think it’s good for me.  They have it for Valentine’s Day (Cupid Corn) and Easter too.  

    There are some brands that don’t taste good, but to me if you get the right brands, that junk is good!!!!!

  43. mg says:

    candyfan, I agree with you 100%. I decided long ago sathers was the best, for the EXACT SAME REASON you use. Its the most disgusting candy corn. That means to a candy corn fan, its the most delicious.

    Down with the waxy! Long live the crumbly!

  44. johnny says:

    Yeah candy corn sucks. Its like they take all the candy corn that no1 ate last year, pack it, nd sell it this year. I think its a government plot…. O_o

  45. TeePo says:

    I actually like it mixed with peanuts.  It tastes like a "Payday" candy bar…  As far as worst candy?  I dunno…  Trick or treating in the ’80s (the heyday of trick or trating I.M.O.) I got a lot of these strange pseudo peanut butter nougat things wrapped in a waxy black or orange wrapper.  They were pretty bad.  I don’t see what would be much worse than a circus peanut though.  And, it’s not a Halloween candy, but those chalky powdery hearts with messages for Valentines day… What about those?

  46. HikinMama says:

    I was searching Sathers Candy Corn cuz it’s the best brand of the best candy EVER. And I know my candy. I actually had a piece of my tooth fall out 5 years ago eating a Hot Tamale, so beat that. And the worst candy ever is Baby Ruth bars. They are the only thing I ever gave my Mom to eat out of my trick-or-treat booty. I even ate those black and orange nasty peanut butter kisses, albeit only at the very end of my candy bag.

    ANYWAY, I Googled Sathers candy corn cuz last month (Sept. 2008) the company changed it’s recipe and now has crappy candy corn like all the other brands. I am so sad. I easily eat 500 to 1,000 calories of the stuff every day (no exaggeration). I keep one of the 2 for $1 bags in my purse at all times. And it’s MOST tasty after sitting in a hot car – it’s all soft and SCRUM-DIDDLY-UMPTIOUS. And I think it actually INCREASES my metabolism. I’m 105 pounds after having 2 kids, and candy corn keeps me at that level…. Sathers should market their candy corn as a weight loss method – they’re missing out on at least $1billion dollars in sales to dieters…. Could sponsor "The Biggest Loser". Since I can’t eat my Sathers candy corn anymore, I wonder if I’ll gain weight… My teeth will definitely be in better shape, though.

  47. andy says:

    candy corn ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rick SUCKS!

  48. Micaela says:

    I am eating candy corn as I write this and am enjoying it emmensely! In my opinion, the worst candy ever is Peeps! Who on earth can stomach something that has a shelf life of 2 years!!!

  49. says:


    Some times it tastes good,sometimes it doesn’t.

    For meee,et depends

    😀 liiek,it tastes bad to me during january,may,november,december, um,and april 😀 it tastes okeat for the rest of the year,it just depends on what brand it is. To me,everycandy tastes bad if I don’t just nibble on it D;<

  50. Geroge Bush says:

    candy corn totally sucks ass

  51. Its all in the seasoning says:

    But mix candy corn with peanuts and you have a Payday!

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