Show me some E&C!!

There's been a lot of discussion on C# Edit and Continue, and I thought I would try and share some resources we've put on MSDN.

The good people at MSDN have just uploaded the video where I walk through using Edit and Continue in C#.

[Aside: I first got to demo C# E&C the day after I fractured my arm on two hours sleep. It's a crowd pleaser, especially one handed]

Back to being buried....

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  1. uwe says:

    Just watched your video. Nicely explained!

  2. Sean Chase says:

    Dan, how will E&C work for ASP.NET applications? I’ve heard rumors ranging from "it doesn’t work in ASP.NET" to "you have to refresh the page." Can you shed some light on this please? Most of my work is ASP.NET-based, so I’m very curious. Thanks!!!

  3. Hey Sean,

    The plan for ASP.NET E&C hasn’t changed. Brian Goldfarb discussed this a while back, and ScottGu made a good clarifying point in the comments about what you can and can’t do:

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