Create “Notepad” in 12 minutes in this tutorial

Okay, I admit that it's not as fully featured as Notepad, but if you want to learn about some of the IDE features in C# 2005 and you're a little hesitant to install beta software on your machin, then this tutorial is for you.

It's interactive!  Rather then reading an article or watching a non-interactive video, this tutorial walks you through actually building a simplified version of Notepad using Visual C# Express. You'll learn to:

The Create a User Interface portion you'll learn about the docking features, use the OpenFileDialog control and use the and the new ToolStrip control to design the UI.

In the Writing Code section, you'll learn about the new File I/O methods, use IntelliSense, code snippets and the new "auto-using" feature (see below)

In the Editing Programs section, you'll learn about refactoring, debugger data tips, and debugger visualizers.


What do you all think? Good? Not good? Do more? Do Less?

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  1. Stuart says:

    Naughty naughty, the demo doesn’t work in Firefox on Linux 😉

    (yes, I am actually serious, despite the smiley. My main web-browsing machine is a Linux box but my day job is .NET development on (obviously) windows. I am interested in this demo, but not enough to switch over to my other machine and hunt down the URL to this blog again)

  2. You’re right, it won’t work in Firefox on Linux. Because the tutorial is interactive, it requires an ActiveX control. We have lots of C# 2005 content available on MSDN that will render in any browser, but obviously if we do something interactive that’s more complex then your typical Flash demo, it will have more system requirements.

    Would it be valuable if we included this as part of the Express download?



  3. Stuart says:

    Of course it would be nice if it were done in flash or java so that it could run on any system, but I understand why that’s much easier said than done 🙂

    I don’t think it should be part of the Express download (simply because I’m in favor of keeping download sizes small, and if I had to add anything to the Express download I can think of at least two major things I’d add first – source code control and msdn-integrated API documentation) but it would be nice to have a link to both the online and a standalone downloadable version presented alongside the Express download so you can grab it if you want to.

  4. I can’t get it to work in FireFox on Windows.

  5. Stuart says:

    Firefox doesn’t support ActiveX on any platform (thank god!)

  6. Ore Sama says:

    I tried to view the demos but they do not run in Firefox. I sighed and then tried it in IE. But it won’t run in IE either. Apparently it requires ActiveX, which I long ago turned off in IE before I switched to Firefox.

    "It’s interactive! Rather then reading an article or watching a non-interactive video…" Why not an article? I read the MSDN articles nearly daily. And why not a video? There shouldn’t be any problem viewing that. Or even Flash? No Java applets please. I will not let Java applets run either and have disabled it the same as ActiveX.

    What do I think? The blog entry looks interesting and the pictures are nice, but I can not comment about the actual demos until there is a practical viewing alternative.

    Good luck.

  7. Omar Shahine says:

    Wow, that was wicked cool.

  8. gani says:

    cool, cool & cool!

  9. Stuart says:

    Funny how many people on a Microsoft blog are using non-microsoft browsers. Wake-up call for the browser team? 😉

    (I’d be really interested to see the browser stats for actually)

  10. LukCAD says:

    Thanks a lot. I found it very very useful for me and realized by 8 minutes.

  11. Mohammed BuNjeeb says:

    Thanks alot for that !!! :)))

  12. DittoGlen says:

    No response to double-click on the Project Name line.

  13. Rob Bruce says:

    Doesn’t work in 64-bit windows, i have tried with both IE 64-bit edition and IE 32-bit edition. Under IE 64-bit it doesn’t even install the ActiveX control. In IE 32-bit it install’s the control. starts to play, but as soon as it get’s interactive it crashes.

  14. You can find an interactive tutorial for C# using Visual Studio Express here. This tutorial will walk…

  15. AlfredTwo says:

    You can find an interactive tutorial for C# using Visual Studio Express here. This tutorial will walk…

  16. Martin says:

    This looks really arwsome =)

    One thing tho, cant u make a VB translation of this Tutorial ?

    thanks 😛

  17. Shane says:

    "File or directory not found" — using IE7 … this happens for all 3 links. Running Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

    Can you fix this? Please …

  18. Farid says:

    I want to   coding C  of notepad

  19. mehul says:

    i want to coding for notepad now.

  20. larmo says:

    It’s pretty useless now since none of the links work since it’s 4 years old.

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