Candy Corn is *the worst* Halloween candy

In our team meeting this week, Jay Roxe, the beloved VB Product Manager was nice enough to bring in some Halloween candy. But alas poor Jay brought what is, in my opinion, the absolute worst Halloween candy there is – candy corn. The nice and well meaning jesture met the wraith of me, BrianKel, and…


Show me some E&C!!

There’s been a lot of discussion on C# Edit and Continue, and I thought I would try and share some resources we’ve put on MSDN. Tool: You can try E&C yourself by using the Visual C# 2005 Express Edition October Community Tech Preview (CTP) – You’ll have to follow the workaround described in the C# Express…


Visual Studio 2005 Express October Community Tech Preview now available

The October Community Tech Previews for Express are now up on MSDN for download. Before you do anything, read the readme and remember that Community Tech Previews are *not*, *not*, *not* high quality builds and will probably be in worse condition then Express Beta 1. Lots of things won’t work, and we’ve also added some new stuff including:  Edit…


Summer of Express Contest Winners Announced!

After some really tough judging, we officially have the Summer of Express contest winners! There were some awesome applications in the C# category, I was really impressed by the work and level of effort put in by all the entrants. You can download the projects on Channel9’s Express Page. Visual Basic Express Edition – Exercise-it Visual…


Edit and Continue in Visual C# 2005!!

Soma and Jay have blogged about this already, but Edit and Continue support will be added to Visual C# 2005!! I really want to echo Jay’s comments about the amount of herculean effort it took to get this into the product. Everyone really worked their tails off. Well done! Why did we add Edit and Continue?…


Create “Notepad” in 12 minutes in this tutorial

Okay, I admit that it’s not as fully featured as Notepad, but if you want to learn about some of the IDE features in C# 2005 and you’re a little hesitant to install beta software on your machin, then this tutorial is for you. It’s interactive!  Rather then reading an article or watching a non-interactive video,…


Code Snippets, XML Features and Debugger Visualizers for VS 2005

Here are some new articles that you might be interested in on MSDN Investigating Code Snippet technology XML Tools in Visual Studio 2005 Create a Debugger Visualizer Using Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1  In case you missed it, Sam Gentile blogs about how C# MVPs are now featured on the C# Developer Center.


Tony Goodhew parlays his wisdom on Orcas and other slow moving mammals

Tony Goodhew talks about Visual Studio “Orcas” (the version after VS 2005) on Channel9. I only wish Tony voice was my inner voice. Brian Keller and I wish Tony would lend his vocal chords for everything from Airport flight arrival announcements to cell phone answering messages. “Right, so flight 254 from Houston has arrived at Gate…