Differences between Express and VS 2005

Soma points out a new MSDN page that shows the differences between Express, Pro and Visual Studio Team System.

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  1. timts says:

    DVD is still not considered standard distribution method?

  2. A specific design goal of the Express products was to fit on one CD. For the other "higher end" products, we’ll work out the Ops issues related to packaging in the next few months.

    MSDN subscribers, of course, receive DVDs. This is mostly an issue for FPP (full packaged product).

  3. Could you blog on the reasoning for not including SCC support in the Express line?

  4. Simple. These products are NOT intended for people who know what source code control is. They are intended for neophytes and newbies. We’re actively streamlining the Express products to meet the needs of that audience. Everything about Express has centered around simplicity, simplicity, simplicity, simplicity, and more simplicity…and making programming streamlined and attractive for people who have no idea they want to program. Thus the "fun" Starter Kits, the super simple setup, the super simple IDE, the lack of "professional" features, etc.

  5. sbc says:

    Can VWD Express be used by everyone, or is it limited to ‘hobbiests’ and ‘non-professionals’.?

    If not there should be a version of Visual Studio Pro without Windows Forms support. Perhaps Visual Studio Professional Web Developer Edition?

  6. sbc,

    The VS Pro Web developer edition is an interesting idea, I would add it to our product feedback site!


    To get to your first question, there is nothing in the product that would limit you from creating a professional application (no licensing weirdness, etc), but VWD Express is really designed for first-time web developers, part-time coders, the person creating their own personal site, etc and as such, you’ll find that it lacks features that you would expect in a professional developer tool. Brian Goldfarb mentioned just some of these features here: http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=13025#13025



  7. sbc says:

    Added it to the feedback page: http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/productfeedback/viewfeedback.aspx?feedbackid=9f8ed112-459a-4552-b716-4ee069d6b2be

    Would be good if there was a Pro version (may happen with enough votes).

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