Summer of Express Contest

In coordination with the launch of the Express products, I'm “Super-Excited”™ to announce the Summer of Express Contest on Channel9!!!

It's time to break out the hot dogs and belt out some code as the good folks at Channel9 our hosting the Summer of Express Contest! All you need to do is write code and you could win an Xbox, 1 year of Xbox Live, and a copy of Halo 2!  As the judge for C# Express, I’m definitely looking to see all the cool entries that you'll be submitting!!


Show your Express Love
If you're entering the contest, you can add  the Summer of Express flair to your blog or home page and show your Express love.

Huge Thanks to Jeff Sandquist, Bryn Waibel, and Mary Kay from LCA for making this happen!!

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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    OK, clinging tenously to the Visual Studio 2005 topic – is it intended that the final production versions of the Visual C# 2005 Express and Visual Basic 2005 Express will include support for Windows Mobile development?

    This seems to be implied by the references to the Compact Framework in the accompanying documentation, but as people will have noticed there’s nothing actually in the Beta anywhere.

    Many people would be very interested to hear about this, since as you may know the availability of smart device programmability only with the more expensiive, Enterprise-oriented versions of Visual Studio 2003 was not well received by the developer community, especially since the embedded Visual Tools had been by contrast free.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Good question, the Express SKUs do not support Compact Framework/Smart Device extensions development. We haven’t announced pricing or even the entire SKU line and how features will break down across SKUs, but I can tell you that we’re looking to make device/SD development available in more then just the high end SKUs.


  3. Mobile development will be available in a higher end version of Visual Studio. The Express products were designed first and foremost for single scenario tasks for hobbyists and enthusiasts. While we are considering doing a mobile Express product in the future, for version 2005 there will be no mobile development support in Express. Rather, we wanted to very strictly limit the number of concepts and areas where the hobbyist or student could "get lost". By keeping the product focused and simple, we think we will do a much greater service for this segment of the developer population than otherwise.

  4. Kevin Daly says:

    Prashant: Except for that segment of this segment of the developer population who want to develop for mobile devices.

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