Bill Gates to blog?

The Seattle Times seems to think so.  Eric Rudder is officially our first exec to blog (at least not anonymously) and S. Somasegar, our devtool Corporate VP is in on the action too.

I'm trying to think of all the cool things I would want to know about Bill:

  • Does he believe in K&R, Allman style or something totally different?

  • What's his favorite programming language?

  • How does he go about learning new technology?

  • Does he play Xbox Live? If so what's his GamerTag?

  • Does he ever get frustrated by losing an Xbox game and throw the controller in disgust?

  • Does he answer telemarketing phone calls? How does that go?

  • If he *had* to buy a country, which one would he buy and why?

What would you want to know?

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  1. His answer to the fabled MS question: Why are manhole covers round?

  2. i want to know his gadgets collection… man.. that has to be amazin.

  3. Lee says:

    "Does he ever get frustrated by losing an Xbox game and throw the controller in disgust? "

    Or does he go and make the Xbox team Nerf the section that is giving him trouble?

  4. Dan Bright says:

    If BillG were in the market for a country I would suggest that he buy Micronesia. Heck he wouldnt even need to reanme it.


  5. Sean says:

    Kind of reminds me of those yellow registration cards that came with MS products… Do you want to know the e-mail address of the most important person at Microsoft? So do we!

    Along with the X-box questions would be what kinds of games does Bill play? (if he does play) and what’s his favorite.

    Has BillG ever personally fired anyone? (Imagines BillG doing the TrumpD hand signal "you’re fired" bit..)

  6. I’d want to know just ordinary stuff. One thing most people don’t always realize is that the ultra-rich, mega-powerful people lead lives outside of the public eye.

    I remember a while, I was reading one of Bill’s books (think it was The Road Ahead) and it was talking about his house and how when he first moved into it, nothing in it was working quite right. The first night he slept there, the TV was stuck open (think one of those ones that raise up from the bed post or something) and on, displaying just static and he had to put a blanket over it to sleep. That’s the stuff I find interesting! How ordinary their lives can seem at times.

  7. John Dowdell says:

    "What would you want to know?"

    Whether he can write concisely on things I find of interest… whether he can efficiently surprise me.


  8. vn says:

    I doubt billg plays video games. If i was as busy as he must be, I wouldn’t waste my time

  9. Bill definitely plays Xbox. Here’s an excerpt…

    "To prove it, Gates, and the man in charge of Xbox, Jay Allard, challenged Simon to Gates’ favorite game – Fusion Frenzy. It was the first time Simon had ever played a video game."

    Here’s Bill playing Midtown Madness against Shaq on Xbox Live:

  10. Elorac says:

    Whats Bill Gates User Name?

  11. Angela Steele says:

    I read that Microsoft stole the term "Directcast" from a senior citizen who lives with his wife in three small rooms in a senior citizens complex. I did a google on "DirectCast" and found that Microsoft is using "DirectCast"as a computer programing language. Both the man and his wife are said to be having serious health problems and Microsoft refuses to respond to their request for Microsoft to pay something for using their creation of "DirectCast." I hope someone will check this out. This sounds to evil to be true even for Bill Gates and Microsoft. How can this be checked out?

  12. Hey Angela,

    do you have a hyperlink for that story? I tried searching for it and I didn’t find any reference on the first two pages of search results. DirectCast, as used by Microsoft is a method in the .NET Framework and not actually a Microsoft product.

    Hope this helps,


  13. Yeah – and as if… LOL!

    That would be hilarious if he did.

    Sweetie – he doesn’t have time for us little people. Too many people want something from him.

  14. bhattathiri says:

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