Mono Beta 2 Announced


“Less than a month after Beta 1 was released, Mono Beta 2 has been released. It includes a C# compiler, an implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure and two stacks of APIs: a Unix, Linux, GNOME, Mono stack for APIs that takes the most advantage of your Unix server and desktop and a set of APIs compatible with the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 that provides support for ASP.NET (web services and web forms), ADO.NET and many other components."”

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  1. boyd says:

    care to comment ? 🙂

  2. My personal opinion (read my disclaimer: is that this is good. One of the key reasons to standardize C# was for other, 3rd-partiesto implement C# and the CLI.

    I haven’t used Mono yet, so I can’t yet give an opinion on how it works. I’ll have to check with legal if it’s okay to run 🙂

  3. Uhm – Beta 3 was released as well yesterday…

  4. Thanks Oskar, still unburying 🙂

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