Quick Survey – What’s on your Dev Box?

Dan Mosely from the VSCore team wants to know how many of our developers are using dual processor development (not production) machines. Please respond in the comments: 

Q1: Are you using a dual processor developer machine today? (Yes/No)

Q2: Do you plan on using a dual processor developer machine in the next 0-2 years? (Yes/No)


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  1. KevMar says:

    Q1: hyperthreaded

  2. 1) No

    2) No, although I might use a processor with Hyper-Threading technology.

  3. Todd Spatafore says:

    1) single Hyperthreaded proc

    2) yes

  4. kevin white says:

    1) No

    2) Only if Half-Life 2 requires it

  5. Zk says:

    1. No

    2. Hadn’t planned either way.

  6. Phil Weber says:

    Q1: No

    Q2: Hyperthreaded

  7. Justin Pitts says:

    been using multi-proc boxes for dev since 1998.

    Here’s the current one. Dual proc and hyperthreaded.

    PsInfo v1.6 – Local and remote system information viewer

    Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Mark Russinovich

    Sysinternals – http://www.sysinternals.com

    System information for \xxxxx

    Uptime: 0 days 22 hours 30 minutes 26 seconds

    Kernel version: Microsoft Windows XP, Multiprocessor Free

    Product type: Professional

    Product version: 5.1

    Service pack: 1

    Kernel build number: 2600

    Registered organization: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Registered owner: Justin Pitts

    Install date: 3/25/2003, 4:53:40 PM

    Activation status: Activated

    IE version: 6.0000

    System root: C:WINDOWS

    Processors: 4

    Processor speed: 2.3 GHz

    Processor type: Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU

    Physical memory: 2560 MB

    Video driver: Matrox Millennium G550

  8. Steve Hall says:

    Q1: I have two systems that are Dual-XEON with HyperThreading enabled, running WinXP.

    Q2: My home system will also become dual-XEONS pretty soon in order to run multiple VPC virtual machines for Longhorn and Whidbey….er, VS2005…beta testing. (For me, it’s better to scale up rather than scale out for development/build machines…)

  9. 1) Yes. Dual PIII 1.0 GHz

    2) Yes, most definitely. Can’t beat a dual (real dual) box for development.

  10. Chris Woodruff says:

    1. No

    2. Would love one but do not know 100% for sure.

  11. Andy says:

    Q1. At work, no, I have a P3 @ 1ghz. At home (I code at home a lot, too :), I have a P4 @ 3ghz w/ Hyper-threading.

    Q2. I have no plans of getting a dual proc machine, unless I happen to get a P4 which supports hyper threading (as much as I’d like to get a new machine at work, it sadly isn’t look very likley atm).

  12. Darrell says:

    1. No.

    2. It depends. Company standard is a high-end laptop, but have never seen them get a dual-proc one yet.

  13. Dave says:

    I just got new P4Cs @home and @work (3.2 GHz @home; 2.6 @work) a few months ago, so I doubt I’ll get a real dual-CPU system any time soon. On the other hand, looking 3-5 years out, Intel and AMD should be dual-core pretty much everywhere (unless they radically switch directions again), so my next desktop will probably be dual core.

  14. Mark Allan says:

    Q1: No

    Q2: If dual-CPU laptops come along with halfway sensible price and battery life.

  15. Catatonic says:

    No and No

  16. Ben says:

    Q1: Are you using a dual processor developer machine today? (Yes/No)


    Q2: Do you plan on using a dual processor developer machine in the next 0-2 years? (Yes/No)


  17. David Nicholson says:

    1. Yes. Just got a new one (2×2.8G) and retired old one (2x733M).

    2. Yes

  18. Fredrik Tonn says:

    Q1: Yes (2 dual system actually)

    Q2: Will continue with the above, just upgraded them!

  19. Mica says:

    Yes – Multi-processor ewnvironment

    Yes – Once you go dual, you would be a fool to go back

  20. MartinJ says:

    Q1: Yes, dual Athlon (I’m cheap, alright)

    Q2: If I could talk them into it at work, heck yes.

  21. CB says:

    Q1: No

    Q2: No. Not worth the extra expense.

  22. Sean Chase says:

    Yes – My desktop machine is a dual PIII 733 that is pretty well dated, but I still use it. My laptop is not. If I buy another desktop, it will be either a dual processor or hyperthreaded system.

    Yes, unless hyperthreading gets me the same performance. I’d have to look into that when I do a replacement.

  23. Q1: Yes, both a dual AMD Athlon and dual AMD64 Opteron.

    Q2: I won’t ever go back.

  24. Jeff Lewis says:

    Dual Hyper-Threaded P4’s at 2.67

  25. Raj Kaimal says:

    Yes – Dual Xeon


  26. Fabrice says:

    1) Yes dual Xeon with HyperThreading

    2) Guess

  27. Nathan says:

    1) ya – dual Xeon with HyperThreading

    2) most definitely

  28. John says:

    1) No, although several of my collegues are.

    2) Yes.

  29. Greg says:


    Q1. No (Primary Dev box is a notebook… yeah, I know… )

    Q2. I wish, but doubt it. Best bet would be HT or future multi-core Pentium M (yes, I’ll have to wait that long for a new notebook).


    Q1. No

    Q2. Yes (again though prob not until multi-core chips hit the street)

  30. Rob says:

    1. 3.0 ghz Single Proc – HyperThreaded.

    2. Yes – Dual HyperThreaded.

  31. Rich C says:

    1. No

    2. Likely

  32. JimG says:

    1: My dev system is a P4 3.0 GHz HT with dual monitors as well <g>

    2: Planning on switching all dev systems to either HT or dual physical processors soon

  33. Luc Cluitmans says:

    1) No

    2) No (at least not planned now)

    This applies both to my dev boxen at the office and at home

  34. SiM says:

    1) 2.4 GHz HT

    2) definitely

  35. Alan Bell says:



  36. Yuriy says:

    Q1: Hyperthreaded

    Q2: Hyperthreaded

  37. JasonM says:

    Q1: HyperThreaded

    Q2: No. Don’t think the set of applications I use will benefit enough from dual procs.

  38. Rob Williams says:



  39. 1. 3.2Ghz HT at office and 2x PIII-800 at home.

    2. Yes, at least HT, but probably 2x HT.

  40. Stuart Hallows says:

    Q1: Are you using a dual processor developer machine today?


    Q2: Do you plan on using a dual processor developer machine in the next 0-2 years?Nope

  41. Ed Goward says:

    1. No

    2. No. (I don’t make that kind of plan.)

    I was using a dual P3 but the motherboard died. It was good.

  42. Lee Falin says:

    We have 5 developers in our shop and we are all using dual processor AMD Opterons machines for development.

  43. Dan Haligas says:

    Q1. Yes

  44. Peter says:

    Q1. No.

    Q2. No.

  45. Aiax says:

    Q1. Yes, with HT.

  46. Scott Duffy says:

    Q1. No

    Q2. No

    Don’t see the need in a dev environment. Total overkill.

    Dual monitor, yes. I think VS.NET could improve in its dual monitor support.

  47. Stuart Radcliffe says:

    1. Dual PCs on my desk but not dual processor

    2. No plans at the moment.

  48. Iain says:

    Q1: No (upto 4 weeks ago yes (dual PIII), now swapped to hyperthreaded P4)

    Q2: No

  49. Q1: 3.04 GHz Hyperthreaded

    Q2: Yes

  50. 1) no (have in the past)

    2) probably not unless they start doing laptops (as some others have indicated).

  51. James says:

    1) Have been for two years, both at home and at work

    2) Never going back (hype-threading doesn’t cut it)

  52. Q1: P4 HT, 2.8 Ghz and 3.0 Ghz, each in a Dell PowerEdge 400SC. Cheap and fast. Love ’em.

    Q2: Yes.

  53. Dan Moseley [ms] says:

    Great, this will help us choose what test machines to buy. It looks like ~51% have multiproc now and 63% expect to have it in the next couple years. Perhaps the numbers would have been higher if everybody had counted hyperthreading. For example, several people said they were waiting for a multiproc laptop, but as far as I know /hyperthreading/ laptops been out for a while.

    Thanks everybody.


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