Learn How to Program Outlook using C#

Andrew Troelsen wrote a great article on creating an Outlook add-in using C#.  Having had to struggle to create my first C# Outlook add-in, I realized how difficult it was to create and that there was little information on MSDN.  You should definitely check it out, the article includes a  Console version of Pine, “OPine”. 

Not only that, it also includes an Outlook COM add-in written in C#. The add-in displays rollup statistics that shows you how many emails you've sent and received over a day and month. It's a great way to track how far behind you are... 

In my (non-existant) free time I want to add some more statistics to the COM add-in:

  • Sent/Received Ratio

  • Avg Time to Respond to an email message

  • Avg amount of scheduled and non-scheduled time in your calendar (ex: 3 hours of non-scheduled time/day)

  • Hook it up to an XML Web service so that you can record your “busy” score 

If you have other good ideas for C# articles that you can't find good information on, let me know.

PS: Thanks to Dan Crevier and Omar Shahine for reviewing the content.

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  1. Scott Wiltamuth, the C# PUM suggested the following:

    – Sum up all of the messages you received for a given time period, whether directly or via aliases

    – Sum up all of the messages that you sent, weighting each by the # of recipients (including all alias members)

    – Subtract the two. Are you giving more than you are getting? Maybe you should trim some recipients from your next mail

  2. Kiran Kumar says:

    I would love to know about interesting things, this i think is one of the most interesting thing that i would like to view

  3. wesa says:

    how can do an html page with c#?

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