Halo 2 = November 9th

From 1stUp, Halo 2 will be released November 9th. Mark your calendars, and prepare for a 1-2% drop in productivity. 

There will also be a limited-edition version pre-order version: “Microsoft also confirmed that gamers will be able to pre-order a limited-edition version of the game. The special edition will come packed in a metal box with the game and an extra DVD of new content, including making-of documentaries, DVD-style featurettes on different aspects of the game's development, commentary from members of the development team, cinematics and characters that wound up on the cutting-room floor, and an art gallery.”

Article on multiplayer Halo 2, Multiplayer videos

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  1. 1 – 2%…. wow, you don’t take this seriously enough. All I can say is that I hope you don’t need anything put up on the C# developer center that month 🙂

  2. Dan Crevier says:

    November 9th is my birthday. How convienient.

  3. pds says:

    Explanation of the productivity drop:

    98 or 99 developers: unaffected, 0% productivity drop

    1 or 2 developers: 100% productivity drop

    net productivity drop: 1-2%.

    Enjoy your day.


  4. My productivity estimates were on a macro-level:

    The BLS estimates were 4.4% in Q2/’03 in nonfarm business sector.


    My estimate was a 1-2% productivity drop which would mean a net 5-6% drop. Practically speaking, this would probably put the country in a recession, but I think we would make it up by dramatically improving hand-eye coordination 🙂

  5. steven says:

    Please bring out halo2 now!!!!!!

  6. brandon says:

    is halo 2 released in China yet?? or for that matter anywhere else in China?

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