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Halo 2
It looks like Bungie has officially stated on their web site that Halo 2 will be released Fall 2004
.  Halo 2 will be Xbox Live enabled and it's going to be sweet.  I hope the Cornershot gun makes it into Halo 3.

EA to support Xbox Live? 
IGN is reporting that Electronic Arts, makers of games like The Sims, James Bond, LOTR, Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honor, Ultima Online, and of course sports titles for the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, and World Cup soccer would be supporting Xbox Live. Excellent.

Xbox 2 News
If you're interested in reading about the latest gossip on Xbox 2, then you'll want to visit One of the latest rumors on xbreporter discusses support for the .NET Framework:

  • MSIL all the way
    The CPU for the Xbox 2 is rumoured to be designed to be a processor that can decode and execute instructions in Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) while at the same time being able to run x86 code, to remain compatible with Xbox  

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  1. Todd Spatafore says:

    Excellent! One of the main failures of Nintendo has always been that the new platform will not support the old platform games (with the exception of the Game Boy). I think that’s where Sony had it right, and now it looks like Microsoft recognizes this as well. Can’t wait for H2.

  2. Brandon Paddock says:

    Now that’s a rumor I hadn’t heard… sounds pretty cool actually.

    Two things I really want to see in Xbox 2…

    -Xbox compatability (or even enhancement of Xbox 1 games)

    -A hard drive

    I don’t think just having flash or online storage will cut it. I want a hard drive. And a respectable size one shouldn’t be hard in 2005.

  3. IBMer says:

    Those rumours are dated to 2002. The actual plans were announce by Microsoft a few months ago.

    CPU: IBM

    GPU: ATI

  4. IBM’er,

    Have you seen anything that says the processor will support IL? I haven’t seen anything that says a definitive yes/no and the links you provided don’t either. The Xbreporter article is the only "news" reference I’ve seen that’s claimed this…

  5. IBMer says:

    It seems that almost every other word in the article is wrong; MSFT contracted ATI and IBM to produce the chips for future versions of XBOX. Therefore I would not trust anything else written there.

    As for MSIL, I don’t know anything about it, and if I had known I would not have been able to say anything.

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