Back from VS Connections onto Bay.NET UG

I'm back from VS Connections, the demos for my talk went off pretty smoothly and I got to meet lot's of great people.  The people I talked to were really excited about C# 2005, and I got to show off some of the cool, new features that came online in the Community Tech Preview. I'm off to San Jose to present to Juval's user group tomorrow. The fun doesn't stop 🙂

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  1. Todd Spatafore says:

    Thanks for coming to Bay.NET last night. That’s the third or fourth Microsoft talk I’ve been to where I left wondering how I’ve lived my professional life up till now without VS 2005. I forgot to ask, is MSBuild going to be part of 2005 or will that be in the Orcas release?

  2. Thanks Todd, yes MSBuild will be in "Whidbey". Alex Kipman gave a great presentation on MSBuild at:

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