Sun and Microsoft to work together

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I'm glad this story is coming on April 2nd 🙂 

Sun and Microsoft reach a deal on antitrust and patent issues, with payments of $1.95 billion set to go to Sun, which also announced that it will cut 3,300 jobs as losses mount.

Under the 10-year pact with Microsoft, the software company will pay Sun $700 million to resolve antitrust issues and $900 million to resolve patent issues, the companies said. The companies will pay royalties to use each other's technology; Microsoft is paying $350 million now, with Sun to make payments when it incorporates technology later.

The ten-year technical collaboration will encompass several facets, designed to improve information sharing between the companies’ server and desktop products.

Here's my quick assessment of how we can collaborate:

  • Liberty & Passport
  • .NET & Java
  • “Windows desktop communication protocols” (whatever that means)
  • MS JVM support

  It's a new era in computing, everyone's growing up and learning to play nicely.

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  1. "financial assistance"? I’d expect a better choice of words from a product manager. Also isn’t it passe to discuss litigation and settlements when you are one of the parties involved?

  2. anon says:

    uh…financial assistance? you guys did wrong and are paying for it…shouldn’t you shut up because your company is one of the parties (and the losing one at that)….

  3. Sorry if the "financial assistance" term was misinterpreted, the whole point of this is that we can now work together in new ways we haven’t before. I think that’s a positive and I really don’t think anyone, expecially our customers loses.

  4. SUN – Microsoft peace: possible implications

  5. Anonymous Coward says:

    Sounds to me like MS has just paid to prop up a competitor befor eit goes *BUST* and causes MS more anti-trust problems.

    Just like Apple.

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