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As many of you know, and as I had gotten feedback from other postings, our developer division is looking to change the way it ships early releases where before we would have massive betas, 6-9 months apart, now we will ship interim builds (officially called “community tech previews“),  and our customers will have early access to code.

Caveat: There are no guarantees that Visual Studio/.NET Framework will be more stable then early versions.  A drag and drop designer may not work at all, even though it worked fine in the PDC M2 builds.

Now onto the news, the first community tech preview of Visual Studio 2005 will be given out at VSLive this week!!

Source: Barbara Darrow, CRN (writing about the MBF delay)
Yukon, Whidbey Delays Snag Microsoft Business Framework

“...developers eager to see the latest and greatest Whidbey code will get access to what Microsoft is calling "community technical previews" of that code later this week at the VSLive show in San Francisco.

“The idea behind these previews is to shorten the feedback loop between developer customers and Microsoft.”

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  1. Phil Scott says:

    Might as well be the first of many to ask, will MSDN Universal Subscribers be able to obtain these bits if we are unable to attend the VSLine show?

  2. vinne tripodi says:

    This is going to cause more confusion/trouble than its’ worth. I can think of these off the top of my head.

    1-having to hunt around for the most stable tech preview

    2-having trouble finding articles and code samples that fit my version of the tech preview

    3-having to constantly rebuild my research box, because I HAVE TO HAVE the latest version of everything.

    Give me a 2005 beta in now… 1 more in September and that’s good enough for me.

    #2 above will be the worst

  3. Phil asks a great question, where MSDN Universal subscribers

    <i>will MSDN Universal Subscribers be able to obtain these bits if we are unable to attend the VSLine show?</i>

    Answer – Yes, the community tech preview bits will be made available from subscriber downloads sometime this week.

    They have *not* yet decided whether to add the bits in the media subscription and the reason for this is that by the time they get the bits to manufacturing, pressed, and available in an MSDN shipment, the next community tech preview would be available making the old one obsolete. No official decision at this time, just letting you know the issues…

  4. denny says:

    Hey, I just left a company and am starting to free-lance.

    so till some work pays off I will not be at big events like VSLive nor do I have an MSDN sub. I’ll be in MSDN soon… I hope!

    Till then what options will there be for the down-in-the-trenches developers like me to get a copy?

    Thanks for any info on this….

  5. Denny,

    For VS 2003, there are a couple of options

    1) Download the free SDK


    2) Order a 60 day trial of VS Professional


    3) Use Visual Studio online right now


    For VS 2005

    1) MSDN Subscription

    2) Events! – If you go to Dev Days, TechEd, or VSLive, you’ll get *some* version of VS 2005

    3) Broader marketing – At some point we’ve discussed adding a version of VS 2005 in magazines like MSDN Magazine. I don’t know when this would happen, but I would assume it would be for beta 1 or 2.

  6. denny says:

    Dan thanks….

    I have 2003 so that part is covered 🙂

    just having a lot of "Drool factor" reading all the news about the good stuff in the works.

    and hating the idea of writing somehting now that will be replaced by stuff in then next rev.

    got to get up on the cash to get that msdn…. 🙂 thanks!

  7. John Cousins says:

    Dan, which level of MSDN subscription will you need if VS 2005 does become available for download?

  8. This version will support Indigo applications on Windows XP or Windows 2003 ?

  9. Pierre asks "This version will support Indigo applications on Windows XP or Windows 2003 ?"

    Answer: Indigo is a Longhorn technology and will not be included in Visual Studio 2005. The PDC build of VS "Whidbey" was integrated so you could build Longhorn applications, but this will not be available in the community tech previews. As far as platform support for Indigo, the last I heard XP and 2003 will be supported, but Rebecca Dias would be a MUCH better person to ask – http://blogs.msdn.com/rdias/.


  10. John asks which level of MSDN gets community tech previews – I don’t know, I think the only level might be universal, but I forwarded this to the MSDN U team and haven’t heard back yet.

  11. John Cousins says:

    Looks very much like VS 2005 Tech. Preview is available for all subscription levels to me 🙂

  12. Peter Pan says:

    I went to DevDays here in Los Angeles, CA and I didnt receive VS.NET 2005. I got a copy of Whidbey (build 30703.27) which I already had.

    Where we suppose to receive VS 2005? If so, who should I contact from DevDays to obtain it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

  13. Peter – The Whidbey build you received is VS 2005, just an earlier release. I think you’re asking about the community tech previews, and the answer as far as I know is that all Dev Days attendees were supposed to receive the M2 PDC build of VS 2005.

    There are several issues with the community build and it is more unstable then the PDC build. For a full list of issues, check out – http://msdn.microsoft.com/vs2005/currentreadme/default.aspx.

    You also cannot develop applications that use Yukon or Longhorn using the community build.

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