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Scoble points out OnFolio.  I downloaded and I think its awesome.  I have a ton of favorites (300+) and I've been using Powermarks for a while now with mixed results.  I downloaded, did the online tutorials and I'm up and running, sweet!


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  1. Dan,

    I too caught this app across my RSS feed and downloaded/installed the trial. It is quite slick. About a year+ or so ago, I reached the point that my number of bookmarks had reached a size that makes it quicker to Google what I am looking for than to try to find it in my bookmarks. Onfolio solves this problem handily. <a href="">Scoble</a&gt; is dead on with two points he makes:

    <blockquote>Onfolio is the [one of the] most useful .NET client app that I’ve seen so far.

    What would I like to see? A Web service architecture so that as soon as I dropped things into my folder, my teammate’s Onfolio’s would also show them. If they did that then they’d have something really wild and disruptive.</blockquote>

    There again, I stumbled across this in Scoble’s comment section, which I also agree with wholeheartedly:

    <blockquote>Not to rain on the parade, but, imho, OneNote does all this and then some.OnFolio is seemingly just a reduced NetObjects Fusion, Trellix, The Brain redux slash Offline-Browser encoder-like Bookmarks/Favorites manager, lacking sync and time scheduling and other basic CMS features. lists many other similar apps. Nice, but hardly earth-shattering. I guess a glorified Favorites

    manager with a Publisher add-on, doesn’t rise to the same level as OneNote to me. But then I *do* wish OneNote had an API for similar hooks and extra sync and

    managing functionality, but that’s coming, least I hope. Great as a Favorites extender/encoder, but hardly a Search Information Manager. The start-up company

    PR overhype, Blogger/RSS pandering, with way way too much Macromedia Flash concepts are all kinda funny. <b>Great piece of shareware</b>, but they gonna get some

    duped VC to pour $5-10 million into this "early-stage growth" tech company? Wouldn’t be surprised.

    <DIV class=date><A href="">Christopher Coulter</A> •

    3/15/04; 9:41:28 AM</DIV></blockquote>

    I mean c’mon how many people are going to pay $30 or $80 for a bookmarking system on steroids? Plus, They should have an educational license

    for students; I would pay $10-15! Also, it crashes my favorite browser –

    <a href="">MyIE2</a&gt;.

  2. Evelyn Jackson says:

    Cool app? What a thiefs. Expected better from JJ Allaire. All they did was copy a really Cool App: Net Snippets ( I have been using Net Snippets for over 2 years. Don’t understand why everybody is so happy with the copy Onfolio, stolen, not so cool

  3. I had never heard of netsnippets, Evelyn, where were you two years ago when I needed you?! 🙂

  4. Jerry says:

    What does Netsnippets differ from Onfolio or visa versa?

  5. kc says:

    Net Snippets saves files in html and xml formats in regular windows folders. Onfolio uses a proprietary format. NS folders can be carried over to other PCs and used with NS to add/append more content – a nice syncing feature Onfolio lacks.

    NS is 1.7MB; OF is over 10MB. OF loads a server component at windows startup and also slows down loading of IE. NS uses a toolbar or explorer bar when you want to. OF works with IE and IE alone. NS works with IE and MYIE2- granted same engine.

    NS automatically creates bibligraphical reports in all three formats (MLA, APA and Chicago). NS can capture screens in a variety of shapes, allows sharing and collaborating using NS Servers; no such features in OF. NS can create reports from a collection of snippets. You can reorder the snippets in the reports, but not in the explorer bar in IE. The final report in NS is again in html format; not sure about OF. Both allow you to capture graphics, text and full pages; NS also allows you to capture portion of a page using special shapes. NS allows you to highlight text in captured snippets.

    OF targets individuals, NS targets professionals, corporations and researchers who need to quote source of info. NS has a promo until the end of this month if you reach the site from MYIE2 site – yes, it is a plug-in for MYIE2.

  6. Peter Adams says:

    Try its completely web based and much better than onfolio IMHO.

  7. Samantha says:

    Unlike as an add-on to IE or firefox, I suggest you to try another tool, kmAnywhere, designed both for SIM (search information management, like Onfolio) and PIM.

    kmAnywhere can be installed into any USB storage driver and run anywhere and anytime. Please see the short description I copied from certain web site to have more idea about it.

    "kmAnywere is a helpful tool to upgrade your USB mobile disk into portable PC instantly. Five major modules : notebooks, browser, email, contacts and timesheet, to help you deal with the barrage of electronic information anywhere and anytime. Favoites, RSS channels, internet account and password, message, address book, to-do task, schedule, photo, mp3 music, office files, pdf…all you needed to work online/offline are well managed in hand and ready TO GO. It also includes built-in editors/tools: rtf word editor, html web page editor, worksheet editor, RTF2PDF creator. Try this seriously integrated tool to boost productivity and have much more fun when surf internet. "

    The official site of kmAnywhere is You can download a full functional free trial version there.

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