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JetBrains, the creators of the IntelliJ IDEA Java development tool, have an early release version of a Visual Studio .NET add-in for C# called ReSharper.  You can learn more about ReSharper by viewing Luke Hutteman's and Michael Yuan's blog posts  to get their first impressions.  ReSharper is currently in the early access program, so you should be able to download and test drive for yourselves.  It would be interesting to see how these compare against other add-ins that provide refactoring in Visual Studio like:

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  1. Kelly Summerlin says:

    I’ve test driven C# Refactory (pretty nice) and the Whidbey refactorings stuff (equally nice implementation needs more refactorings). Comparing ReSharper right now from it’s current EAP version isn’t really fair — IMHO. Currently there are things that ReSharper doesn’t implement in the EAP, but will in the release. Basically the EAP is a pre-beta program for JetBrains. The EAP is for the brave at heart, it still has bugs and gets a bit slow. I love the functionality that I’m already seeing though.

    I’ve used IDEA in the past and it is simply amazing. JetBrains will get ReSharper there one day I feel, but right now it’s a ways off. I hope that the real comparisons will wait until JetBrains releases something.

  2. J Donnici says:

    I bought the C# Refactory from Xtreme-Simplicity about 5 months ago and have been generally happy with it. It could use a few more refactorings, but it does its job reasonably well.

    Anyone looking to purchase it now, however, should look over the forum at their site before making the decision ( It seems the author(s) have disappeared for a while. I’ve got my money’s worth, so no harm no foul, but there are some who purchased it via PayPal and have yet to receive the license key they paid for.

  3. To Kelly – I agree with you that it isn’t fair to compare the EAP version versus a shipping product, including "Whidbey" 😉

    I was just wondering if there was someone who had used all three and would be able to give an opinion on what the good, bad, and the ugly across all of these.

  4. Tony A. says:

    I will agree that JetBrains IDEA is a great Java IDE. Does this imply that JetBrains is going to move to C#?

  5. To Tony A – I don’t know, you would have to ask them :). I think JetBrains is a tool vendor first, so they’ll supply development tools for multiple languages including Java and C# the same way that Borland does.

  6. John says:

    CodeRush which just released this week might also be worth lookin at

  7. It’s released, and it’s great!

  8. Curtis White says:


    I made a popup editor called GhostClip ( It can display an image and text ghosted over Visual Studio. This is a great tool for learning Resharper keyboard shortcuts.

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