Back from MDC 2004

The Middle East Developer's Conference was lots of fun, I only wish I had more time to enjoy Egypt.  I presented two sessions, one on ASP.NET Whidbey and the other on C# Language Enhancements.  The people at the conference were great and there were lots of great questions and discussion after the sessions.  I also got to meet up with some Regional Directors that I hadn't known before including Stephen Forte (of Orcsweb fame), Malek Kemmou (who answers the age-old question of what is the Sphinx looking at), and Patrick Hynds. I'll discuss my demos in a later post, as I'm still unburying from the over 600 new emails I got while away for three days. 

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  1. OmegaSupreme says:

    sounds like you had a ‘pharaohld time’ 😀 (sorry)

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