Space Invaders

Gus wrote Space Invaders
in C#

Speaking of Space Invaders, there is a Space
Invader urban invasion
 art project that lists "invaded" cities (cities with
Space Invader graffiti).  Seattle has yet to be invaded, but to the surprise
of no one, New York has the pixel-challenged aliens.


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  1. Keith Patrick says:

    I just played Ms. Pac-Man a week ago, so I feel that I can authoritatively say the "Space Invader" you have to click on the first page is a PM Ghost.

  2. Jeff Julian says:

    Thanks for the game link. just put up some removable Invader stickers,

  3. My office is in need of some decoration and/or flavor. We recently bought a couch for home, so I’m looking to take the home couch into the office for those late nights when I need to sleep for 20 minutes. I also want to get a voice-activated r2d2 which responds to voice commands, and can be set on "guard" mode to protect your belongings. R2 would also be great for conference calls…just imagine the next time someone suggests a bad idea, you all of a sudden hear a pissed off R2D2 respond with squeals. Ah the fun I would have.

  4. J Gallant says:

    Hey;  I am trying to find a street map of this Space Invader stuff for London, ever hear of anything like that?  I know they have one for NY and France but I can’t find anything for London!

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