101 C# Samples

Before I forget, 101
C# Code Samples
st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /> were
recently added to MSDN 
(thanks Duncan)

, here are just some appetizers of the samples available:

  • Asynchronous/multithreaded programming
  • Socket Programming
  • Garbage Collection basics
  • Automating Internet Explorer in your applications
  • Encrypting and Decrypting data
  • Thread Pooling
  • Using Windows XP Themes

Sean and Scott did the original 101
VB code samples, and I believe they also worked on porting these to C#.

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  1. jk says:

    hai i want sample C# codes

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  4. Swarnamala says:

    Thats great

  5. Rajee Patil says:

    Thanks man.

  6. bhavita says:

    thanksssssssssss,i m really new for c#,and it help me lot……..

  7. This is a very good opportunity for the programming beginners

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