Space Invaders

Gus wrote Space Invaders in C# (source). Sweet! Speaking of Space Invaders, there is a Space Invader urban invasion art project that lists “invaded” cities (cities with Space Invader graffiti).  Seattle has yet to be invaded, but to the surprise of no one, New York has the pixel-challenged aliens.  


Estimating airspeed of swallows

ThinkingIn.NET points out this great article on estimating the airspeed of an unladen swallow (both african and european).  Classic.


Friendster not so friendly

Wired magazine points out how Friendster isn’t so friendly and how lots of people are migrating over to Emode or Tribe.  I haven’t tried eMode, but Tribe is nice if nothing more then the geographic tie-in…  I’d love to see Friendster get a web service where I can poll for my friends pictures, or an RSS…


It’s all a matter of style

Probably one of the most religious issues for developers (at least those using the same platform and programming language) is bracing style.  There are several styles available, with the two most popular being K&R style & Allman style.  I found this nice description on the different indent styles here, and pasted the different indentation styles…


C# Sneak Preview Doc, and C# PDC Sessions

C# Sneak Preview Doc If you want to know about the cool things coming in Visual Studio Whidbey for C# developers, you have to check out the Sneak Preview of C# Whidbey. Many thanks to Shaykat, Eric, and Joe for helping put this together 🙂 C# PDC Sessions If you weren’t able to attend PDC, you can…


BlueJacking and Hacker Emblem

Bluetooth is the other 802.11 spectrum technology, which VerySoonNow will be *the* way for PAN (Personal Area Networks) communication. It’s also apparently being used in cell phones and being hijacked by script kiddies to send unsolicited messages to bluetooth-enabled cell phone users. The idea is simple, use the built-in bluetooth function to send contacts to users, but use it to send…


DARPA Cannonball Run

DARPA – The government agency that brought you the internet, is having a contest to win [begin Dr. Evil voice] One Million Dollars.  How you ask?  It’s an autonomous vehicular race (think KIT) from LA to Las Vegas.  The premise is to get people thinking about autonomous vehicles to later adapt for military purposes.  More details on the DARPA web…


SWK in Episode III

PetitionOnline has a petition with over 113,901 signatures to put the Star Wars Kid into Episode III.  I’m sure Keller will love this.


Blogging For My Constituents

One of my most important constituents, the Mrs. says that I haven’t blogged about her enough.  Goldfarb shares his wisdom that I can either spend time with her or blog about her.  I agree, but occasionally I’ll find cool stuff that will help simplify her life (I complicate it a bit so anything that helps is…


What do you want to hear at TechEd?

TechEd 2004 Brian Goldfarb wants your feedback – If you’re planning on going, or if you’ve gone to a conference before and want to have an impact on sessions, give him feedback