Blogger Events at PDC

Scoble, Jeff
and I met a couple of weeks ago to discuss what sort of blogger events
we could do for PDC, and we'll be sending out details sometime soon.  It was
cool to finally meet Scoble in person as I'm a big fan of his blog.

There will hopefully also be a BOF on blogging,, but you'll have to vote for it on
the INETA site:

  • Weblogging: The Future of Conversational Software - Robert McLaws-Interscape Technologies,
  • You can read more about this entry at, as you might've guessed, Robert's

Place your vote today 🙂

Comments (3)

  1. Rather then a BOF I’d favor a less organized event, like some blogger BBQ, would allow to actually talk to some bloggers rather then tuning into something I’m talking about myself 🙂

  2. Benjamin,

    I couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re trying to also do something much more social and fun…stay tuned 🙂

  3. Dan,

    Shoot me an e-mail and lets chat about the Weblogger BOF :).


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