Me versus 520

I have bad luck driving into work lately, on Wednesday there was a truck that had
engine problems on 520 (the bridge that connects Seattle to MSHQ and which already killed
one of my computers
) and my commute was about an hour.  On the way home I
didn't have any problems, but coming in on Thursday morning 520 was backed up pretty
bad from an accident involving a Mazda Miata and two other vehicles which made my
commute over an hour!  I typically leave work late and miss the hellish commute
crossing 520 back to Seattle, but on Thursday evening there was a Mercedes that apparently
died and traffic was again backed up.  So three out of four times commuting to
work I've chosen the exact time when accidents or disabled vehicles are on 520. 
I also recently discovered that there are patron saints for just about everything,
including patrons saints against moles,  bartenders, computers, drivers,
gravel,  skating, toothaches, and *many* more.  There is apparently no
patron saint of traffic, or as I was previously told by my sister, there
is no patron saint of good parking spots (Aunt Betty), although she has helped
me during the holidays when I go to the mall.

Speaking of cars, Ford recently re-released my new vehicular love, the Ford GT. 
It's out of my league, but I'm saving pocket change everyday in hopes of
putting it on lay away. 

You can read more about it and entice your salivary glands at the Ford
GT site

I can deal with traffic on 520 if I had this car :) 

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