You down with MGB? Yeah you know me Part 1

Please forgive me for not blogging more, but I've been horribly sick, really busy
and travelling.  I'm only now *starting* to catch up on e-mail and remove my
DayQuil dependency.  Keller is
also sick, and he was nice enough to pick me up some (generic brand) DayQuil
last week.  I personally couldn't tell the difference, but I personally
recommend DayQuil if you ever are feeling horribly sick and can't miss work. 
Surprisingly, DayQuil only has a 3.5/5 rating (based on 46 votes) on rateitall
I would've expected better.  Visit rateitall for ratings on just about everything.... 

I've been in New Orleans since Wednesday night of last week for Microsoft's annual
field meeting called MGB (Microsoft Global Briefing).  This is where everyone
who works for Microsoft in the field, across the world, comes to meet and learn the
latest sales and technical content.  Maybe I've been jaded by playing too much
Halo or Hitman,
but as I was walking past a room, I noticed a session with the words "Execution
Framework" in it and I assumed it had to do with gaming 😉

Keller (J#) , Flores (VB), and I presented on language and tool futures yesterday,
and our session went well.  Unfortunately, everything's MS confidential, but
based on the audiences reaction, we're adding the right features to VS Whidbey and
developers will be happy.  I also presented C++ as Nick Hodapp the Product Manager
for C++ had a prior commitment.  I got to demo Vertigo's Quake 2, which has to
be one of the more amusing things to do in a session.  Vertigo ported Quake 2
(Note: GPL) from C to C++ and compiled it in both managed and unmanaged code, by adding
the "/clr" switch.  They also added a heads-up display (HUD) written using
C++ Managed Extensions that demonstrates how you can integrate .NET Framework
features into a C++ application.  Cool stuff!
You can find more information about the Quake 2 port here,
or download it here.

I'll write more about this trip later!

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