JLCA 2.0 and JSP to ASP.NET Portal

Today we officially made available for download the  Java
Language Conversion Assistant
(JLCA) version 2.0.  The JLCA is a conversion
tool that automatically converts existing java language source files to C# code. This
version is especially useful for Java web developers as the JLCA now converts
JSPs and servlets to ASP.NET.  You can expect around 80-90% of your code to migrate
without change.  In addition to launching the tool, we're also launching a JSP
to ASP.NET Migration Guide
that walks through the real-world migration of
If you're a Java developer interested in learning about or moving to the
Microsoft platform, you should definitely check out the migration guide.

Many thanks to everyone who worked on the JLCA and the JSP to ASP.NET Migration

Comments (2)

  1. Brian Keller says:

    "You can expect around 80-90% of your code to migrate without change."

    I think you mean to say that you can expect 80-90% of your code to migrate without requiring manual changes. The remaining 10-20% will be presented to you via a report, describing where the developer would need to make judgment calls and manually migrate the rest.

  2. Premchand says:

    Is this tool getting used anymore ? I need some info about this tool . I dont find any help avaialable on micrfosoft site.

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