80’s Renaissance Continues…

First it was Mr. T doing 1-800-COLLECT commercials, then Alf, now the Boston
is reporting that Garbage Pail Kids, the must-have collectors cards from
the 80's, are making a  comeback. Quote from the article: "Topps plans to
launch a Web site in August that will let youngsters create their own Garbage Pail
Interesting idea, and it should be fun to make yourself, friends, co-workers
and other loved ones into Garbage Pail kids :) 

They Boston Globe article also mentions a fascinating site on bad fads, http://www.badfads.com/ that's
worth killing some time on...


Comments (2)

  1. Drew Robbins says:

    Ok. Who else still has there collection? Hehe.

  2. The complete set is selling for $600 on eBay right now!

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