Work hard, play hard

"Work hard, play hard" is my mantra (and the mantra of most people at MS), but it's
pretty damn exhausting after a while. I haven't been able to blog since last week,
and it's simply because I've been busy *all* the time. This weekend,
for example, I went back home to DC for a friend's wedding, and didn't go to sleep
before 5am any day there, and every second I was awake I was busy. I had a great time,
but it was exhausting.

I arrived back in Seattle on Sunday night to read 150+ emails (no joke) before going
to sleep around 2am. On Monday, I worked until 7pm and then ran over to play in my
roller hockey league's All-Star game. I just joined this league (thanks to EdKaim),
being a newcomer to Seattle and all, and it's been a lot of fun so far. Our team won
the All-Star game 8-6, and I assisted on three goals in the effort. Woohoo! After
the game I got home at about 9:30pm, ordered dinner and started working again. By
the time I caught up on email it was 2am. A solid six hours of sleep and I was back
to work. I have a hockey game tonight too, and I won't get back home until about 12:30am,
exhausted, hungry, and ready to pass out. I'll get to sleep by 2am, and six hours
later I'll be getting up for work.  Caffeine is my friend, and these mad
must be stopped<g>.

My Hockey History

I've been playing hockey for a while, starting with street hockey with friends in
neighborhood tennis courts and cul-de-sacs to roller hockey in the now defunct SESARA
out of Wheaton Ice rink, playing in the 18 and over league when I was a scrawny, underweight
17 year old. I then played and ran the Univ. of Miami roller
hockey club league.
As a geek, I created a scoring and scheduling system for the league built in Access,
and had player and team statistical reports exported to our school's web site. I also
played for Miami's team in what is now the CRHL.
In the summers both during and after college I played in SESARA which became the Gardens
Ice House
league playing for the good old Washington Whale, (the team I had started
with as a 17 year old but at that time was called the Fighting Ferrets) and also started
playing for the Chargers in both ice and
roller hockey. Good times! I'll have to bring my hockey gear next time I visit DC
to get my game on.

Microsoft has a charity ice
hockey team
that regularly beats Sun, Apple and other tech companies but
my dream is to some day play on the team that beats them on wheels.

I definitely prefer playing roller hockey to exercising in a gym. There's something
very gerbil-esque about using a treadmill or a stairmaster that I can't seem to get
past. I also can't seem to get past the lack of accomplishment or completion one feels
by picking up a heavy object 12 times only to put it back down again. I must be missing
something 🙂

 Work hard, play hard, when does one find the time to rest hard?

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  1. Jeff Julian says:

    Great to hear you won your game. We are actually starting a Dodgeball league here in Kansas City. It should be tons of fun.

  2. Angie says:

    I was searching for a game of Dodgeball in the Kansas City area for my boyfriend and his son. Saw your comment. Contact me if you still are playing games in Kansas City Please? Thank you

  3. Matt Young says:

    Anyone with info on dodgeball tournements or leagues in Kansas City please send any information to

  4. Dennis Bourg says:

    Hi all,

    I’m the president of the Kansas City Dodgeball Association ( We play every Sunday at noon at Roanoke Park (map on the website). Anyone is welcome to join us and you won’t need to bring an entire team with you. We are also sponsoring a charity tournament for the Rose Brook Center, scheduled for August 21st. Chris Cotten with the Kansas City Parks and Rec is also sponsoring a six-week league. If anyone would like more information, please write me at or simply visit the website. Thanks everyone and I hope to see you out there !

  5. Larry Bishop says:

    Looking for a manager and roller hockey director.


  6. Chris says:

    Is there any Rollerhockey for adults in KC??? I’ve been looking to play when i go back to visit my family for years, but no luck?

    Any leagues/pickup rollerhockey for adults in KC?

  7. Wayne Barrett says:

    Please get in touch as I run all of the street/dek/ball hockey in the D.C. area and would be curious to get some of your guys or yourself into our league. and

  8. kj davis says:

    Please please please!!! Email me on how to get involved as a player or a team in the adult dodgeball deal!! I have about 8 people who are very interested and I have had no success on the web trying to find out where? when? howmuch? etcetera…Thank you, My email is

  9. kj davis says:

    Please let me know when and where and any info you have on adult dodgeball.

  10. Jose says:

    Congrats on making the Citizens Task Force for lightrail

  11. Scott says:

    Fair play to you, you work hard and play hard but you also post hard.  Never heard of modesty, it’s admiral too.

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