TechEd in Cowboy Country

Next week is TechEd and I'm really excited and just a bit overwhelmed.  I
was also a little afraid of going into Cowboy country as I used to call the DC
area home and I'm a Redskins fan, but luckily there are a fair number of us current
and former Redskins both presenting and attending.  I also used to live in Austin
(loved it thanks for asking) and people from Texas are really friendly so I'm
not too scared.  We have a ton of stuff going on for developers and I always
find the toughest part being choosing what sessions to attend.  So without further
ado, here are my pics for sessions and events:

Can't Miss C# Sessions:

  • Extreme Programming with C# - Ken
  • C# Past, Present, and Future - (Me) 
  • C# Best Practices - Eric
    and Juval
  • Best Practices for Debugging Visual Studio - Habib Heydarian
  • Building Middle-Tier Applications in C# - (Me)

Other Cool Events:

  • We're organizing a TechEd Bloggers meeting
    on Monday night from 7-8PM in room 118A.  If you blog and you're attending TechEd,
    come join the fun and/or the after party!  We may also be able to get a blogging
    room with wireless access so keep checking for
  • Come Hang with the C# team on Wednesday night from 7-8pm in room 118A. We'll probably
    go out for drinks this night too...
  • We're also presenting to the Dallas .NET User Group Thursday night from 6-9pm at
    the Microsoft office. Click here for directions, and the official TechEd
    party is this night, so join-in and have fun.
  • While this isn't really a cool event per se, the Hands-on
    are IMHO the best way to learn .NET concepts you might not be familiar with. 

Other Interesting Sessions I'll hit:

  • Speech-enabled web applications - Richard Irving, Siddharth Bhatia
  • Developing InfoPath Solutions Part 1 and 2 - Adriana Ardeleanu
  • .NET and J2EE Strategies for Interoperability - Simon Guest
  • Strategies for J2EE Developers - David Weller
  • Word XML: The Word XML Schema - Brian Jones
  • A first look at the Microsoft Location Server - Steve Lombardi

My schedule is also chock full of customer meetings so I sadly won't be able to attend
as many sessions as I would like.  What sessions are you planning to attend?
Did I miss *your* cool event? Let me know! 

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  1. steven says:

    Heh, I lived in the DC area myself almost my whole life and of course just *had* to be a Cowboys fan … anything to be different I suppose. And now I’m stuck down in Atlanta where they don’t even have a team worth rooting against. Anyway, TE this year sounds like a blast – sorry I can’t be there this time ’round, will have to be satisfied by watching along on BlogTV (a.k.a. 🙂

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