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** Updated with correct link (thanks Aaron!)** As the Microsoft blogger diaspora continues, I’m packing up and moving on over to so make sure to update your bookmarks if you actually want to hear what I have to say… 


Holiday Shopping Resources on the web

This is my first post to and it looks like .text has a bunch of cool features.  So far I’m impressed 🙂  I’ve been really busy which is why I haven’t posted in a while, but I wanted to get out this info in case anyone is still searching for presents.  In particular, you should…


Samples for C# Whidbey

Shaykat from the C# team sent me an email earlier today about what C# samples we should include for Whidbey.  I thought it would be a good idea to ask the blogosphere what samples you would like to see for C# Whidbey.  This can range from fully functioning applications, to code snippets, to walkthroughs/tutorials.  We’ve been reviewing…


Testing compatibility for Whidbey/Everett

**Update** Clarification via EricGu…having an Everett assembly reference a Whidbey assembly is not a supported scenario, plus generic metadata will cause weird things to happen.   Thanks Eric :)  **** Someone sent a question recently to an internal alias so I thought I would share. The question was what will happen when a C# V1 component consumes a C# V2…


Is your son a hacker [satire]?

This is hilarious  Some choice quotes for knowing whether your son is a hacker: 2. Are you finding programs on your computer that you don’t remember installing? Your son will probably try to install some hacker software. He may attempt to conceal the presence of the software in some way, but you can usually…


Can a PC talk to a Mac in under two hours?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Thanksgiving at my mom’s house in DC is a little bit non-traditional as guests don’t arrive until around 8pm, we don’t eat until close to 11pm, and we don’t stop partying until 2/3 AM.  There were about 30 people at my mom’s house this year in D.C. which made it all the more fun. My mother’s 60th birthday…


Space Invaders

Gus wrote Space Invaders in C# (source). Sweet! Speaking of Space Invaders, there is a Space Invader urban invasion art project that lists “invaded” cities (cities with Space Invader graffiti).  Seattle has yet to be invaded, but to the surprise of no one, New York has the pixel-challenged aliens.  


Estimating airspeed of swallows

ThinkingIn.NET points out this great article on estimating the airspeed of an unladen swallow (both african and european).  Classic.


Friendster not so friendly

Wired magazine points out how Friendster isn’t so friendly and how lots of people are migrating over to Emode or Tribe.  I haven’t tried eMode, but Tribe is nice if nothing more then the geographic tie-in…  I’d love to see Friendster get a web service where I can poll for my friends pictures, or an RSS…


It’s all a matter of style

Probably one of the most religious issues for developers (at least those using the same platform and programming language) is bracing style.  There are several styles available, with the two most popular being K&R style & Allman style.  I found this nice description on the different indent styles here, and pasted the different indentation styles…