[EN] Download manager in Internet Explorer?

Several times I hear request to implement download manager in Internet Explorer as Firefox users can experience for some time already.
I think IE-Team is the place to find proper answer to that request but I in this week I observed interesting thing on my Windows Vista and IE7.

I needed to download several virtual machines and these files are huge as you know. It took some time and my network wasn't stable in-time.
I've got several timeouts which are good reason to add myself into that request of download manager with continual download feature.

And here we go.. When I got that download timeout from download.microsoft.com and tried to re-download the file it started from the place it'd stopped before.
I checked it several times (gosh, today my internet connection was just rubbish) and it doesn't look like single-accidental-noone_knows_why incident.

Looks like it's some kind of feature. I downloaded huge files several times in the past but I cannot remember these problems with timeouts so much to recognize that it's normal IE's behavior.
I made additional test. I started download, waited some time and then I manually clicked "Cancel" button. Then I clicked the same internet source file to download again and here we go.


Uber cool even if not clear to the user but still I'm not sure if it's a feature or a bug-feature or something I cannot understand. Even though I'm happy because I could successfully download those damn files 🙂

Can you anyway tell me if you found this IE's behaviour too? I'm really curious! Tell me! 🙂

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  1. Mike Dunn says:

    That’s WinInet doing its own caching. Any app that uses WinInet would see the same benefit. I have, in fact, written a download manager 🙂 and you would see the same thing in my app if you stopped and restarted a download.

  2. GregM says:

    Yes, that will sometimes, but not always, happen.  That’s only part of a download manager, however.  The other parts of a download manager are queueing files for download, *automatic* restart after an abort, and the ability to download using multiple streams.

  3. JohnGalt says:

    It’s directly related to the amount of space you have allocated to temporary internet files. Since you probably have a bigger hard drive with the new computer, the space for temp files is larger because it’s based on a percentage, thus since the entire file will fit within the temporary internet file storage, it will cache it and resume IF the server also supports resume which all of the MS servers do.

    So there it is. And this isn’t a new feature. V4 of IE supported it.

  4. Wow.. Thanks for these answers.


    Yes indeed, that’s complete solution you’re reffering to. I’m looking for one either 🙂


    That resume support as a condition is a point I was thinking about too. I mean that might be the reason why I discovered it so accidentally (and that’s true, for the very first time I have large free space on my HDD due to the external USB storage I started using a few weeks ago) :>

  5. I won’t call it a manager as it doesn’t allow you to manage anything 🙂 Instead, that’s just another artifact. But this one works cool, I agree. Hopefully this post will be the first of the ‘MSIE hidden gems’ series 😉

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