[EN] Why Dinner Now is so cool?

After "Longhorn" Server jumpstart conference sessions I've got another opportunity to participate in Dinner Now related presentations.

I have to say that I'm amazed how cool is it. To answer the titled question I have to mention two layers:
1) technology
2) design/architecture

While talking about technology you have to see how many technologies are included in the scope of this system.
You have complete .NET 3.0 Framework usage there (WPF,WF,WCF,Cardspace), IIS7, Powershell and lot more.
In context of soon coming Windows "Longhorn" Server the scope is so accurate to present the OS for developers that I need no more just a week for a workshop to deliver and we're at home.

While talking about design well. It reminds me the current trend of S+S (or SaaS). In Dinner Now you have a hoster who aggregates restaurants in the city to offer a single platform for ordering meals online. From hoster perspective you have a platform to be a middle layer between final customers and the service they need. In this scenario your interest could be to promote it, earn on advertisement and be "a customer delivery" service for local restauransts. As a restaurant you get an offer to use the service of single contact with customers and direct online competition with surrounding restaurants. As customer.. as usually - you get great opportunity to choose!

There is software and there is the service.. If this application would be enhanced more it could be another great pilot project to promote SaaS also.

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