WS-DD standardization update

Just under six months ago, DPWS, WS-Discovery and SOAP-over-UDP entered standardization in the OASIS WS-DD technical committee.  An incredible amount of work and progress has been made during that time, and the committee has just published the second draft of the 1.1 versions of each specification.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, this is a very important step for these specifications as the entire DPWS community comes together to collaborate on the specifications and refine and improve the contents.  In fact, this technical committee has filed and handled nearly 150 different issues across all three specifications, and has improved the utility and broad applicability of the specs without changing the core fundamentals set out in the 1.0 versions.

Although the dates have slipped a little, it is expected that the specs will enter the 60-day OASIS public review period shortly, bringing us even closer to the date when DPWS will be a standard.

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