Who I am, and what to expect

Hello, dear readers.  Before I dive into loads of technical posts, I'd like to give you some background on who I am, and what you can expect to read about here.

My name is Dan Driscoll, and I'm a Software Development Engineer in the Windows Device Platform Group.  This group is responsible for providing the platform components that allow Windows PCs to communicate with devices; inside the larger group, I work on the team responsible for the Web Services on Devices API (WSDAPI), which is the Windows implementation of the Devices Profile for Web Services.  I've been working on this software for a little over 3 years, and helped shipped the initial release of WSDAPI in Windows Vista.  Although I spend much of my time working on this core runtime component, I also work on compatibility and interoperability with devices, and on the SDK that allows developers to build applications on top of our API.

So you can expect to see lots of articles here about:

  • My runtime component (wsdapi.dll)

  • Documentation on how to use WSDAPI (specifically samples; and to a lesser extent, reference documentation on MSDN)

  • The SDK tools that support WSDAPI (WSDBIT, WSDDebug, and WsdCodeGen)

  • The Devices Profile for Web Services and related specifications

  • Web Services basics

  • Extending Web Services on devices with additional technologies (PnP-X, Function Discovery)

  • ...and more!

If you've got questions about any of those topics, please feel free to leave a comment or mail me directly through my bio link.

Thanks for reading--and stay tuned!

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