News on the upcoming SkyDrive release

We’ve posted some details of our upcoming SkyDrive release here. I’m really excited about what’s coming all across Windows Live with our wave 3 release and how well everything works together. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately There are a bunch of topics I want to write about, like ASP.NET MVC, PowerShell and…


New updates to SkyDrive!

We’ve made some more updates to SkyDrive including some features like comments, captions and better iteration through items in a folder. For details, check out our team blog post: Windows Live SkyDrive Team Blog: Hot new updates to SkyDrive!


SkyDrive is out of beta

We released SkyDrive to 38 more regions, we’re out of beta, and we now give everyone 5 GB of free storage. See the team post for details.  We also made some significant performance enhancements that hopefully everyone should notice.


More SkyDrive goodness

We’ve updated SkyDrive with some nice new features. One of the biggest hassles with SkyDrive before that was that it was hard to invite new people or add new contacts to the list. We now allow you to add new contacts (whether or not they have Live IDs) and people will be sent invites. If…


Windows Live SkyDrive/Spaces integration

Another feature that went live today is the ability to add a “Files” module to Spaces that shows the visitors to your Space the folders they have access to. LiveSide blogs about it here. Scott also has a nice plugin for Windows Live Writer that makes it easy to embed things in Writer. Nice work!


Windows Live Folders is now Windows Live SkyDrive!

We have updated Windows Live Folders and rebranded it as Windows Live SkyDrive. There are lots of cool new features. One of my favorites is the rich upload experience that lets you easily upload lots of files at once, including drag and drop. You can also view the home page for other users, see recent folders…