Inline Search in IE

Inline Search from IE Forge is a must have utility for Internet Explorer. It gives new FireFox-like inline search UI to IE and does find as you type. Find has also been a feature I haven’t liked in IE. I can never figure out what it highlighted on the page! And the modal UI is annoying. Thanks to Omar…


Console is a nice cmd.exe replacement!

Long ago I complained about cmd.exe. At the time, I tried out some of the replacements and didn’t find anything I liked. But, I just tried out a Console 2.0 beta, and I love it! The way it hosts cmd.exe is necessarily a bit of a hack, but they pull it off well. Here are…


Windows Live Writer Beta

I’ve used Windows Live Writer Beta for my last few posts and it’s worked pretty well. It’s much nicer than typing posts into IE, and I’m not worried about hitting the wrong key and losing them. Unfortunately, code doesn’t retain it’s style when pasted in, but I’ve been using CopySourceAsHtml for that. I was out…


Microsoft Acquires Winternals/Sysinternals

News story here. This is exciting. Those guys are brilliant. The Windows Internals book is awesome, and I love the tools at I use them all the time. I hope they’ll be able to keep cranking out tools.


VirtualPC is now free!

You can get it here. Virtual PC is really useful. It’s great for running multiple versions of the OS and for trying out software without risk of screwing up your system.


GhostDoc is a great tool for inserting documentation in Visual Studio

I’ve just started trying out GhostDoc. You can select a method and it will fill out the XML document comments for the function. For example, here’s what it generated for the CanHorizontallyScroll method from my VirtualizingTilePanel:         /// <summary>         /// Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance can horizontally scroll.         ///…


I love the birds eye view in is now live (no pun intended!). I love the new birds eye view and the ability to look at something from different angles. I’m looking forward to have birds eye view available in more locations.