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Yesterday, we released a new version of the FolderShare web site and client. My team worked on the web site, which you might guess from the similarity to SkyDrive. In case you aren't familiar with FolderShare, it's an application that lets you sync files from multiple machines, peer-to-peer. I've been a happy FolderShare user for many years (since before Microsoft acquired it), and am glad to be a part of making it better. We did extensive usability testing on the core FolderShare scenarios and are really happy with the improvements we've seen with the new site.

Before you ask, I can't comment on FolderShare future plans, but rest assured, it's not dead!

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  1. Justin Rosen says:


    I have been a foldershare user for years and had the professional license version from Byte Taxi.  Files which I transfer nightly via foldershare are now grinding to a halt, spending a lot of time at 0 B/s.

    I tested the new service by creating a new account after downloading the new client.  While creating a new library I got the message: "Sorry, there was an unexpected error. Please try again."  On March 12, 2008 the link to "Help" from the Foldershare home page was even broken.

    I like the new design of the website as well as the new design of the client.  Of course I would be much happier if things were working.  đź™‚

    Best regards,


  2. Dan Crevier says:

    Sorry to hear you were running into trouble, Justin. We ran into a couple of issues in the initial rollout. Let me know if you are still hitting issues.

  3. Alen Siljak says:

    Yup, the issues are still there. My libraries are disbanded now. Can’t add computers to them, can’t delete them… I better not use FS for a while, until things are sorted out.

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