News on the upcoming SkyDrive release

We’ve posted some details of our upcoming SkyDrive release here. I’m really excited about what’s coming all across Windows Live with our wave 3 release and how well everything works together. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately There are a bunch of topics I want to write about, like ASP.NET MVC, PowerShell and…


Font Smoothing with Remote Desktop and Windows Server 2003

I spend a lot of time time connected to Windows 2003 Server. I was really happy to come across this post which describes a KB article to turn on font smoothing to Windows 2003 Server. This makes a huge difference with Consolas Helge Klein » Blog Archive » Finally! Font Smoothing Over RDP/ICA on Server…

Disappearing disk space on Vista

The hard drive space on my Vista machine recently dropped to almost nothing, and I was really confused what was going on. I used my favorite disk space visualizer (WinDirStat). However, I couldn’t figure it out. Finally, I found that the following steps cleared it up: 1. Run Disk Cleanup (search from Start menu) 2….


New updates to SkyDrive!

We’ve made some more updates to SkyDrive including some features like comments, captions and better iteration through items in a folder. For details, check out our team blog post: Windows Live SkyDrive Team Blog: Hot new updates to SkyDrive!


Bootcamp 2.1 update available

Apple has an update of Bootcamp available, fixing some stability issues. I’ve had more than my fair share of crashes on my MacBook Pro, so I’m hoping it will help out. It was offered to me via Apple Software Update, but you can also grab it here: Apple – Support – Bootcamp


Implications of the just in time nature of LINQ

I love LINQ! I’ve found that much of the code I write involves manipulating collections in ways that can be very naturally expressed in LINQ. One interesting aspect of LINQ is that things are evaluated just in time as you enumerate over them. This can have a few unexpected consequences. Here are a couple of…


mstsc /console is now /admin in Vista SP1

I find it kind of annoying that Vista SP1 switches the /console switch to /admin. I don’t understand why they had to break this and couldn’t keep the old switch working. There’s a bit more info at: Nick MacKechnie : MSTSC /console switch in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1


Yield and usings – your Dispose may not be called!

We ran into an interesting bug recently where a resource was being leaked because we weren’t disposing of an IDisposable in some cases. Before I go any further I should state that the root bug is that the IDisposable hanging onto the resource should have implemented a finalizer, or even better, used SafeHandle. However it…


Josh Zana’s perf blog

One of my coworkers, Josh Zana, has started a perf blog. Josh has been the perf champion for the SkyDrive and FolderShare websites, and I’ve been really impressed by his passion about perf and the results. I hope to see lots of good posts coming up. Speaking of which, I realized I haven’t had any…