Five Things People Don’t Know About Me

Omar tagged me to write up 5 things people don’t know about me. Here we go: I have a PhD in Biophysics from Harvard. I’ve actually only had a few CS courses in my life… I’ve been programming computers since I was 9, but for some reason went into physics as and undergrad and biophysics…


Inline Search in IE

Inline Search from IE Forge is a must have utility for Internet Explorer. It gives new FireFox-like inline search UI to IE and does find as you type. Find has also been a feature I haven’t liked in IE. I can never figure out what it highlighted on the page! And the modal UI is annoying. Thanks to Omar…


Good post on Yahoo! User Interface blog on web site performance

 There’s a good post on web site performance on the Yahoo! User Interface blog. It says it’s part one in a series. I’m looking forward to the rest. The short version is that 10% of the time loading Yahoo!’s homepage is in loading the HTML and the rest is in loading script, images, etc. 


What does runat="server" do for HTML controls

One thing I didn’t fully understand when I first started using ASP.NET is exactly what runat=”server” does. It sounds like some magical thing where code is running on the server for your control and not on the client. In some cases something like that does happen, but the basics are much simpler than that. Let’s…


Getting machine to go to sleep under Vista

I was having a strange problem getting my computer to go to sleep under Vista. When my laptop was not plugged in, it would go to sleep fine when I closed the lid. However, when my laptop was plugged in and I losed the lid, it would lock but not go to sleep. I finally…


Playing with ASP.NET

I’m doing some ASP.NET work on my current project (more about that in the coming months). I’ve spent most of my life doing client side code, so it’s taken me a little time to really wrap my head around what’s happening with ASP.NET. It often seems like there’s a lot of magic going on. But,…