So long, Microsoft Max

The Microsoft Max project has ended. The website says it best: Thank you for participating in the beta of Microsoft Codename Max. Over the next week, we will be shutting down the Max services and our team forums. Over the past year, you’ve sent us tons of fantastic feedback that we’ve incorporated not only into…


DataModel-View-ViewModel pattern series

I thought I should add a post with the full list of posts in the D-V-VM pattern. They are: DataModel-View-ViewModel pattern: 1 (overview) DataModel-View-ViewModel pattern: 2 (first implementation of DataModel class) DM-V-VM part 3: A sample DataModel DM-V-VM part 4: Unit testing the DataModel DM-V-VM part 5: Commands DM-V-VM part 6: Revisiting the data model DM-V-VM part…


A comparison of C++ unit testing frameworks

Here’s a great article that a coworked pointed out on C++ unit testing frameworks: Link to Games from Within: Exploring the C++ Unit Testing Framework Jungle C++ isn’t as easy to unit test as C#, but a good framework sure helps! Technorati tags: C++, unit testing