Process Explorer 9.0 is out

I wrote about the previous release here. Here's what's new in 9.0:

  • System information dialog has per-CPU graph option with hyperthreaded and NUMA processor information
  • A Users menu duplicates the functionality of Task Manager's Users tab, showing Terminal Services session information and supporting logoff, disconnect, and sending messages
  • On XP SP2 and higher the TCP/IP tab displays the thread stack at the time an endpoint was opened
  • The tray icon context menu includes the shutdown menu
  • Search engine option to use Google or MSN Search
  • Object address column is available for the handle view
  • Image signatures can be checked on-demand in the process properties dialog
  • Process explorer is digitally signed with Sysinternals' Verisign Class 3 signing certificate
  • Mark Russinovich

    The author, Mark Russinovich, along with David Solomon also recently released the latest edition of their Windows Internals book: Windows Internals, Fourth Edition.

    Comments (6)

    1. Anonymous says:

      David Crevier had spotted SysInternals Process Explorer 9.0. I’ve used this before and it just keeps getting better and better. You can get this freeware tool from SysInternals directly (the page has a screenshot as well). What’s new in Version 9.0:

    2. AT says:

      Is you have any ideas for Process Explorer features – contact Mark.

      In 9.0 he implemented a few of my suggestions like Digital signinature verification and signing of his binary, terminal services users tab.

      Thanks Mark !!

    3. zzz says:

      Couldn’t MS just buy Sysinternals and have all the goods in Longhorn default install, after all it seems that the smart spyware clients will be coming to peoples computer only by clicking the ‘next/yes’ after fooled by the authentic looking "Mïcrosoft verified" signature – it just be just reasonable that tools to see whats wrong with the system are already on the system.

      I think that even when the user click "yes full trust" for the wrong download, it should by default mean "full trust in virtualized environment" if running on admin account.. Only by copying the stuff manually out of the sandbox and then running it would there be possibility for trouble.

    4. AT says:

      zzz: What is reason for Microsoft to buy something everybody can currently get for free ?

      Sure – Process Explorer can now be configured as replacement for Taskman.exe, but this can scare most of average users.

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