I love the birds eye view in local.live.com

http://local.live.com is now live (no pun intended!). I love the new birds eye view and the ability to look at something from different angles. I’m looking forward to have birds eye view available in more locations.

New version of Max is available!

A new version of Max is now available at http://www.microsoft.com/max. One of the main new features is support for ink annotations on photos. This is best on a Tablet PC, but you can also use the mouse on a non-Tablet PC. It’s pretty fun! It’s a feature I worked on, so I’d be happy to…


Automated leak detection in managed code

Managed code makes memory management much easier, but it’s still possible to have unintended memory leaks. Here’s an example. In Max, we have a sign in control on our home page. This control register’s an event handler with an object that manages the sign in state and then changes its style when the sign in…


Max, the cat

The name for Max (the product) was inspired by the name of a coworker’s dog. I like to say it was because of my cat Max: Max is having some kidney problems and is at the vet getting IV fluids. He’s only 6 – he shouldn’t be having kidney problems. Hang in there little man!…


Layout to layout animations in WCP (part 2)

This post continues my series on layout to layout animations in WCP (Avalon). In part 1, I showed to create a panel that lays out its children in a grid and allows the child size to be controlled with a slider through data binding. In this post, I’ll describe one method to animate the children…


Layout to layout animations in WCP (part 1)

At PDC, I showed a simple version of layout to layout animations, as we do in Microsoft Max.In Max, when you resize the window or change the size of the items being viewed, they animate to their new locations. This not only looks cool, but really helps usability by letting the user see what’s happening…


Windows Office 2003 SP2 Released

Following on the heels of Mac Office 2004 SP2, Windows Office has also released an update 🙂 The easiest way to get it is at Microsoft Update. Among other things, there’s support in Outlook to detect phishing attempts.


Office 2004 SP2 released with more Exchange support

Mac Office 2004 SP2 has been released. It looks like they addressed a bunch of the top Exchange feature requests: Gain full access to your organization’s Global Address List information. Provide delegate access to your Mail folders, Calendar and Address Book. Share your Mail folders, Calendar and Address Book with assistants and colleagues. Take advantage…


Feedback on Max

It’s great seeing feedback on Max – we really want to hear what you think works well, and what doesn’t. The best place to send feedback is on our blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/max/. There’s also some good feedback at http://www.neowin.net/comments.php?id=30384&category=main and https://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=114722.  


PDC talk on how Max works

On Thursday, Walter Smith and I will be giving a presentation at the PDC about how our team built Max. It’s at 1pm in Hall C/D. There will also be members of our team at the presentation lounges in the “big room”. Come find us!