I’m giving up Tivo (kinda)

I’ve been a happy Tivo user since 1999 when my wife and I got one of the original models. We later upgraded the hard drive, and then switched to DirecTV and got a second Tivo – one of the 2 tuner DirecTivos. I don’t know how we ever lived without them. They’ve served us well,…


Web Messenger is very cool!

MSN Web Messenger is now online at http://webmessenger.msn.com (okay, it’s been online for a while, I’m a little behind). They did an amazing job on it, the UI is much like the rich client. It’s very handy if you are on someone else’s computer or can’t use Messenger because of proxy/firewall issues.


Automating iTunes .NET is now easier!

Back in May, I posted about Automating/scripting iTunes on Windows. I noted how it would be easier if IITTrackCollection implemented IEnumerator so you could use foreach. Well, Apple listened, and in iTunes 4.7, it does! Now, you can just write: using System; using iTunesLib;   namespace TrackLister {     class Program     {         static…