Mac Office 2004 Service Pack 1 released

Office 2004 includes an auto update mechanism, so you should be alerted of the update in the next couple of days. You can also force it to check for updates from the help menu of any of the Office applications.

Office 2004 is the first Microsoft Macintosh product to include a version of the Watson technology that sends crash reports back to Microsoft. This is an awesome technology that lets us learn about crashes that we never saw in our test environments. We also good statistics on how many people are hitting which bugs and lets us focus our energy on fixing the right bugs.

If you were running into any stability problems with Office 2004, there's a good chance you'll see them fixed in this update.

Comments (5)

  1. I just did a check 1 minute ago, and it told me that there are no updates available (though i got a new auto-update about a week ago) perhaps it isn’t live yet?

    it isn’t listed at yet either….

  2. Lovely product!!! I did not like v.X very much but 2004 is fantastic… Everyone that I know of who bought the Update enjoyed so much greater stability.

    I was still a bit sceptical about this release because at the first glance but I just tested Entourage and yay!!! Finally there is a real Exchange Server integration! Everything works the way it should, thank you so much!

    Seriously: I promise to recommend this product to all Mac-using customers. Brilliant job. Please keep maintaining and supporting this product. Don’t let your Mac users down.

  3. Ralph says:

    Dan: a question about Entourage: is there any possibility to view another Exchange user’s calendar without being that user (i.e. without switching the settings)?

    If this isn’t possible (something along these lines _is_ possible in Outlook): is there a chance to get this feature? Pretty please?

    BTW: are you still with the Mac BU or has MS downsized this division (you are writing a lot about .NET lately and I suspect bad news from Microsoft regarding its Mac products – is that true?)

  4. Dan Crevier says:

    Entourage only supports viewing other people’s calanders if you have delegate access to their account. See the Delegate tab in the Exchange account. When you do so, the other user’s events are shown on your calendar with a specified category. This isn’t ideal, but it works.

    There was no downsizing in MacBU. I was with MacBU for 6 years and I was the Development Manager for the last 3. I decided to join the Windows group in January. See my first post for more:

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