Notepad2 is great!

There were a series of blog posts about notepad2 a few months back. I downloaded it at the time, but didn't really end up using it much. Lately, I've had to do a lot more simple text editing. I've been using notepad2 and I love it! It's small and fast but has lots of useful features like syntax coloring (even for types like .cmd files and .inf files), and all the text manipulation features you could want. It reminds me of BBEdit Lite for the Mac.

Comments (4)

  1. Senkwe says:

    Notepad++ is pretty nifty as well. It adds an mdi interface which gives it the edge IMO.

  2. Dan Crevier says:

    Thanks for the pointer. The tabbed interface looks interesting, although it doesn’t seem to have as many useful text manipulation functions. I’ll have to play with both.

  3. Ludo says:

    After trying Notepad++ one half day, I switch completely from Notepad2 to Notepad++. Its interface to configure the syntax hightlighting is more intuitive the Notepad2’s one. And I love its User Language Define System! Further more, it does the nfo file! It’s really impressive.

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