Refactoring and performance

I’m currently reading Test Driven Development in Microsoft .NET. There’s a lot of stuff in the book I like, but there was one thing that rubbed me the wrong way. In the “Refactoring by example” chapter, they take a prime number algorithm and refactor it. In one step, the algorithm loops up to sqrt(n). They…


Get a taste of Visual C# Express

Dan Fernandez points to a tutorial on Visual C# Express that lets you walk through creating a simple notepad-like application. You get to what developing a WinForms app is like, and you get to see some of the really cool IDE features like the refactoring support. Unfortunately, it requires installing an ActiveX control…


Potential Malware for the Mac

Macintouch is covering a report of malware. Sounds like it might not be real, but you should make sure your Mac has all of the latest security updates installed just in case.


Interview with Mac RSS aggregator authors on drunkenblog

Drunkenblog has an interview with Mac RSS aggregator authors. It’s interesting to see their perspective. It will be interesting to see how the syndication space grows. I think the business model issue is bigger than they make it out to be in the long term. I remember when there were few ads on the web…

0 is a great resource for customizing Windows Media Player.


Unit testing .NET code

Unit testing is a very effective way to test code and find errors as early as possible. It also allows you to refactor code with much less fear of breaking something. The Code Project has a nice introductory article on unit testing code in the .NET framework with NUnit.


Mac Office 2004 Service Pack 1 released

Office 2004 includes an auto update mechanism, so you should be alerted of the update in the next couple of days. You can also force it to check for updates from the help menu of any of the Office applications. Office 2004 is the first Microsoft Macintosh product to include a version of the Watson…


cmd.exe drives me crazy!

I’ve been using cmd.exe more and more lately, and it’s driving me crazy! I was spoiled for years with Apple’s without even knowning it. It just seemed like the way a command line environment should work on a modern operating system. It’s not the things like “dir” instead of “ls” that drive me crazy….


Notepad2 is great!

There were a series of blog posts about notepad2 a few months back. I downloaded it at the time, but didn’t really end up using it much. Lately, I’ve had to do a lot more simple text editing. I’ve been using notepad2 and I love it! It’s small and fast but has lots of useful…


Great post from Omar on Virtual PC 7

Omar just posted a great overview of the work done on Virtual PC 7 for the Mac. It’s a great upgrade! I was around in MacBU for the first half of the release cycle and the project plans were quite ambitious. There are few projects with the technical complexity of Virtual PC. But, the Mac…